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About the ON Innovation Program

The ON Program accelerates Australia’s most promising research breakthroughs from mind to market. We empower brilliant researchers with the skills, networks and pathways to translate big ideas into real-world impact.

Through a series of events and experiences, our ON programs provide researchers with the skills and knowledge to realise the pathways to growth, beyond academia and commercialisation.

Since its development in 2015, the ON program has delivered training and support to thousands of people, creating a legacy and community of researchers, founders, industry experts, advisors, and investors that participants can lean into.

Whether you are curious about creating real-world impact or have founder ambitions, we exist for all researchers ready to take their leap to something more.

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Important statistics


Participants upskilled through ON programs


Jobs supported by new companies formed by ON alumni

$320+ million

Commercialisation grants attracted by ON alumni

$358+ million

Investment capital raised by new companies

Australia’s community of deep-tech founders

With ON's network of researchers, founders, industry experts and investors, we help validate and de-risk tech innovation, accelerating the translation of cutting-edge research into real-world technologies that will shape the future. 

However, every pathway to growth is different and the opportunities for impact will be unique.

Explore the stories of those who have completed the ON program and hear about the learnings they discovered on their journey.

00:00:06,000 --> 00:00:07,000
I'm Louise Brown.

00:00:07,000 --> 00:00:10,760
I'm the CEO and one of four
founders of HydGene Renewables.

00:00:10,840 --> 00:00:15,360
And I went through the
2020 ON Accelerate Program

00:00:15,440 --> 00:00:20,400
ON has impacted my research and professional journey
in a massive way.

00:00:20,400 --> 00:00:24,920
I was an academic at Macquarie University
for quite some time.

00:00:25,000 --> 00:00:29,400
I am now full time in HydGene Renewables
having spun out

00:00:29,480 --> 00:00:32,600
and taken the core team of researchers with us.

00:00:32,800 --> 00:00:36,480
You could start to see that
what we were doing could change the world

00:00:36,480 --> 00:00:39,720
if we could commercialise it, scale it up

00:00:39,720 --> 00:00:41,240
and get the right investment

00:00:45,760 --> 00:00:48,320
The best parts of on are the people.

00:00:48,320 --> 00:00:52,160
It's that network of experts in one place

00:00:52,160 --> 00:00:55,160
that are not just there for the Accelerate program,

00:00:55,280 --> 00:01:00,080
but they're there long term
and they're still there for us today.

00:01:00,160 --> 00:01:03,560
It's the experts on IP and how to translate that.

00:01:03,560 --> 00:01:08,800
It's the experts on PR
and marketing, commerce, finance, governance.

00:01:09,080 --> 00:01:12,560
That's what this program brings
and that was the best part of it.

00:01:16,760 --> 00:01:20,080
The ON program is a first of its kind.

00:01:20,160 --> 00:01:24,400
It is the flagship program in deep tech in Australia.

00:01:24,480 --> 00:01:26,680
It doesn't ask for anything in return.

00:01:26,680 --> 00:01:28,080
It just gives.

00:01:28,080 --> 00:01:32,760
And I wish it was around, you know, 20 years ago
when I started my academic career,

00:01:32,840 --> 00:01:36,600
because I always wondered, how do you talk to industry?

00:01:36,680 --> 00:01:37,760
There was a gap,

00:01:41,760 --> 00:01:43,800
Just lean in and give it a go.

00:01:43,800 --> 00:01:47,480
the ON program gives you that opportunity

00:01:47,560 --> 00:01:50,920
to see if it is the right fit for what you want.

00:01:51,000 --> 00:01:54,200
It is just that environment where you can

00:01:54,200 --> 00:01:57,200
thrive and learn and grow and do amazing things.
ON Track – a video series exploring the diverse pathways to successful research translation, featuring an ON Alumni who have taken their work from research through to company creation and beyond. In Ep 1, we speak with Louise Brown, co-founder and CEO of HydGene Renewables.

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