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The National AI Centre (NAIC) resides within CSIRO’s Data 61 and focuses on AI adoption and innovation in industry. The NAIC’s mission is to amplify Australia’s AI capability to create responsible and inclusive opportunities for every person, every business and the ecosystem. The NAIC:

  • Provides national leadership of responsible use of AI to drive adoption and innovation by Australia businesses.
  • Convenes Australia’s national AI ecosystem towards a connected strategy and aligned best practices.
  • Supports SMEs to adopt, develop and adapt AI solutions through ecosystem connections and expertise.
  • Accelerates a sovereign AI industry that fortifies Australia’s national priorities and international strengths.


The NAIC seeks to bring together Australia’s AI ecosystem to deliver collaborative projects that support businesses adopting and/or creating AI. The key priorities of the NAIC are:

  1. Adoption of Safe and Responsible AI by Industry
  2. Development of Australia’s AI Industry and Sovereign AI Capability
  3. Support SME success with AI

NAIC welcomes submissions from organisations who wish to collaborate with NAIC to deliver project or initiatives that support these key priorities.


Please note NAIC will not consider submissions where organisations are seeking or proposing collaborations:

  • That do not align with NAIC’s key priorities;
  • To develop, demonstrate, test or commercialise commercial products or services; or
  • To undertake academic focused research with no direct benefit and impact on businesses adopting and/or creating AI.

Interested organisations are asked to outline:

  1. Your objectives for collaborating with NAIC (i.e. why you want to collaborate);
  2. How your collaboration will support NAIC to achieve its key priorities;
  3. Your collaboration ideas (including specific projects you wish to propose or support);
  4. What you can provide to enable projects to be delivered (including resources, expertise and assets); and
  5. What support you would require from NAIC and other organisations to enable the proposed collaborative activities (including resources, expertise, funding).

All submissions will be reviewed by a panel including CSIRO and external AI ecosystem representatives (‘Review Panel’). Accordingly, please note that members of the Review Panel considering your submission will include parties other than CSIRO. Submissions will be reviewed on a rolling basis (i.e. reviewed at the next available meeting of the Review Panel).

The Review Panel will meet quarterly and NAIC will endeavour to provide responses to submissions within 4 weeks following Review Panel meeting. There is no guarantee that any proposal submitted will be supported by the NAIC. Submissions that are rated highly by the Review Panel will be invited for further discussion with NAIC regarding potential collaboration.

Any collaboration with NAIC that involves confidential information is subject to you entering into an appropriate formal arrangement with CSIRO.

Criteria for assessment of submissions

The following criteria will be used to assess the suitability of submissions. Note that all collaboration submissions are required to involve a co-investment. This co-investment may include financial contributions as well as other forms of commitment.

1. Alignment with NAIC key priorities (30%):

  • The extent to which the proposed collaboration or project aligns with NAIC’s key priorities.
  • The potential for the collaboration or project to contribute to the development of AI expertise within the Australian commercial sector, particularly for businesses adopting and/or creating AI.
  • The organisation’s commitment to Safe and Responsible AI practices. 

2. Industry-Wide Impact (20%):

  • The capacity of the collaboration or project to deliver widespread support to businesses adopting and/or creating AI.

3. Expertise, Capability, Resources (20%):

  • The level of capability, commitment and resources, including financial, human capital, and technological resources that the submitter can bring to the collaboration or project.
  • Experience in working collaboratively with other organisations to impact businesses adopting/and or creating AI.

4. NAIC Support Required (20%):

  • The level of commitment and resources, including financial, human capital, and technological resources sought from NAIC to enable the collaboration or project to be successful.

5. Long-Term Sustainability (10%):

  • The collaboration or project's long-term sustainability, beyond the initial project phase, including plans for continued collaboration and growth in the field of AI to further promote safe and responsible practices.

Submission form

Please do not submit sensitive information or information that is confidential in nature (which may include information related to commercial ideas, inventions or other proprietary materials). Your submission will be reviewed by a review panel that includes third parties. You should take all reasonable steps to ensure that you do not disclose any information or material which would undermine your ability to secure any protection to any intellectual property rights, undermines your ability to maintain confidentiality of confidential information or which would jeopardise or hinder your commercial activities.

Refer to Privacy Policy for collaboration with NAIC.

If you are invited to further discuss potential collaborations with NAIC, a confidentiality agreement will be required prior to any disclosure of confidential information.

You are responsible for ensuring that your submission is complete and accurate and addresses the criteria outlined above for assessment set out by the NAIC. For information about how CSIRO handles your personal information, please see CSIRO’s Privacy Policy.

1. Organisation Information

2. Proposed Collaboration

3. Industry impact

4. Collaborative Experience

5. Expertise, Capabilities and Organisational Resources

Please outline your organisation’s expertise and capabilities in the fields of AI, including in relation to businesses adopting/and or creating AI, that would be valuable for the proposed collaboration or project.

6. Alignment with Safe and Responsible AI

7. NAIC support

8. Long-term sustainability

9. Additional Information

Read the CSIRO Privacy Policy.
Read the Privacy statement: Privacy Policy for collaboration with NAIC.

You acknowledge that information you provided in this form is mainly for the purpose of your organisation seeking to collaborate with to deliver project or initiatives that support these NAIC’s key priorities (outlined in the Guidelines).

(i) The NAIC and CSIRO may use this information for the purposes of the NAIC described in this form;

(ii) Any provision of your information by the NAIC is in no way an endorsement of you by the NAIC or CSIRO nor does it create any association between you or your business, products or services and the NAIC or CSIRO. Accordingly, you must not make any representations that the NAIC or CSIRO endorses or is associated with you or your business, products or services merely due to the NAIC’s access and use of your information from this form; and

(iii) You are responsible for ensuring the information you provide is true and accurate and that neither the NAIC nor CSIRO will be liable for any information about you that is based on incorrect or misleading information provided by you.

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