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Introduction to Standards for AI - workshop recording 

How can standards keep up with AI's rapid evolution? Can they support the responsible use of AI? How can they be successfully implemented?

Introduction to Standards for AI - A free Responsible AI Network workshop recorded on 23rd May 2023

Get the answers to these question and support your adoption and creation of AI our Introduction to Standards for Artificial Intelligence workshop.

Hosted by the National AI Centre's Responsible AI Network (RAIN) in partnership with Standards Australia, this 60-minute webinar provides an overview of the standards landscape for AI nationally and internationally and unpacks why standards are important to the development and implementation of AI for business.

Live audience Q&A follows an expert panel discussion featuring:

  • Aurelie Jacquet, Chair of Australia’s AI standards committee, Consultant on AI, data ethics and responsible implementation of emerging technologies
  • Dr Kobi Leins, Expert member of Australia’s AI standards committee and Honorary Senior Fellow, King’s College, London
  • Louise McGrath, Head of Industry Development and Policy, Australian Industry Group
  • Adam Stingemore, GM Engagement & Communications, Standards Australia

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Introduction to Responsible AI Engineering workshop

Learn how to create responsible artificial intelligence (AI) systems from the experts during this virtual workshop hosted by the Responsible AI Network (RAIN) in partnership with CSIRO's Data61.

Introduction to Responsible AI Engineering workshop recording

The first event in this series, Introduction to Responsible AI Engineering will walk you through the development and application of responsible AI.

Hosted by NAIC Strategic Engagement Manager Rita Arrigo, Responsible AI Science Team Lead at CSIRO’s Data61 and Women in AI Awards 2023 winner Dr Qinghua Lu, and 2019’s ‘Most Influential Asian-Australian Under 40’, a Superstar of STEM Dr Muneera Bano, ‘Introduction to Responsible AI Engineering’ will:

  • Guide you through responsible AI methods and practice
  • Explain how to put AI ethics principles into practice
  • Explore the different levels of governance required for responsible AI systems
  • Demonstrate how to create responsible AI by design using the Responsible AI Pattern Catalogue
  • Show you how to build foundation model based systems
  • Discuss responsible AI in the era of ChatGPT

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Responsible Operation of Generative AI in Organisations

Looking to integrate Large Language Models (LLMs) into your business? Learn how with our free hour-long virtual workshop. Hosted by the Responsible AI Network (RAIN) in partnership with Gradient Institute, in this one hour workshop you'll learn:

How to responsibly integrate Large Language Models into your business. A one-hour virtual workshop with audience Q&A

  • How LLMs work
  • How businesses are using LLMs
  • The benefits and challenges of LLMs
  • The various ways businesses can manage their operation to mitigate risk

You'll be guided through the process by Gradient Institute CEO Bill Simpson-Young and Chief Practitioner Lachlan McCalman, with NAIC Strategic Engagement Manager Rita Arrigo hosting.

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AI Concepts, Terminology and the AI Lifecycle
Workshop: AI Concepts, Terminology and the AI Lifecycle - One hour virtual workshop with an audience Q&A

Need an expert to demystify AI terminology, concepts, standards, and evolution? After this workshop you'll walk away knowing:

  • Key AI concepts and terminology
  • The stages of the AI lifecycle
  • The standards development process; and
  • Key standards, both existing and in development, that are important to know about

Hosted by the Responsible AI Network (RAIN) and Standards Australia, this workshop features a range of speakers across industry, government and academia, including:

  •  NSW Government Chief Data Scientist and University of Technology Sydney Industry Professor Ian Oppermann
  • Virtual Ink Australia Director Harm Ellens
  • Microsoft's Regional Standards Manager Geoff Clarke
  • Western Sydney University Senior Lecturer Dr Rosalind Wang
  • Independent AI advisor and AICD representative Dr Ali Akbari

Watch the workshop


Implementing responsible AI in business webinar
One-hour virtual workshop with audience Q&A
Watch the recording of webinar 'Implementing responsible AI in business'

How to implement responsible AI in business

How can businesses implement responsible AI? Learn from the experts at our virtual webinar Connecting Principles and Practice: Implementing Responsible AI in Business.

Coordinated by the Responsible AI Network and Gradient Institute, this webinar will help your business responsibly navigate the fast-paced AI environment while meeting customer expectations.

AI systems developed without adequate controls can have unintended consequences that can significantly damage company reputation and customer loyalty, making responsible implementation crucial to success.

AI practitioners and authors of Implementing Australia’s AI Ethics Principles report Alistair Reid and Simon O’Callaghan will unpack a selection of effective practices including:

  • Impact elicitation
  • Data curation
  • Fairness measures
  • System assessment

 Your hosts will explain how each practice works, where they fit in an organisational context, and examples of the tools and guidelines to implement them.

Watch the workshop

Standards for Responsible and Inclusive AI workshop recording
One-hour virtual workshop with live audience Q&A
Standards for Responsible and Inclusive AI workshop recording

Standards for responsible and inclusive AI

Discover how you can use standards to develop and deploy responsible AI in the one-hour workshop hosted by Standards Australia and the Responsible AI Network (RAIN).

Hosted by Aurelie Jacquet CIPPE (Chair of Standards Australia AI committee IT-043) and featuring panelists Dr Kate Bower (UTS Human Technology Institute), Dr Sarah Dods (GHD Digital), Dr Eric Q. (, and Dr Jonathan Earthly (Llyod's Register), this workshop is an invaluable opportunity to learn ethical AI from world-leading AI experts.

This one-hour session will:

  • Define responsible and inclusive AI
  • Examine challenges in implementing responsible and inclusive AI
  • Demonstrate potential solutions to overcome these challenges, including human centred design
  • Explore existing standards that can support the deployment of responsible and inclusive AI

Watch the workshop

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