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Australia's AI Month is a groundbreaking initiative that illuminates the brilliance of Australia's AI landscape. This initiative plays a pivotal role in the National Artificial Intelligence Centre's mission to pave the way for a responsible and inclusive AI future for Australia.

Scheduled from November 15th to December 15th, 2023, AI Month is dedicated to spotlighting our nation's AI proficiency and championing the responsible creation and adoption of AI to bolster our domestic AI sector and gain a competitive edge in the global arena.

What are you doing for Australia's AI Month?

We cordially invite organisations, community groups, research institutes, government departments, businesses, startups, thought leaders, and industries to actively participate by hosting AI-related events during this period.

Whether it's in-person gatherings or virtual symposiums, workshops, engaging fireside chats, hackathons, or panel discussions – as long as it's AI-focused, we would love to know and share it! AI Month thrives on the collaborative synergy of Australia's AI ecosystem, where we collectively demonstrate our capabilities, talents, and potential.

Join us as we embark on a month brimming with discoveries, knowledge sharing, and an unwavering commitment to shaping a responsible and inclusive AI-driven future that benefits one and all.

To showcase your event on the National AI Centre's events calendar, kindly submit your event details to Together, let's make Australia's AI Month an exceptional showcase of our AI capabilities!

Be a part of Australia's AI Month

Hold your AI-related workshop or event during November 15th - December 15th and submit it to so it can be featured on the National AI Centre's events calendar.

Events, workshops, fireside chats, hackathons - it just has to be AI-related! This is our opportunity to showcase Australia's amazing AI capabilities, talent and potential.

Events can take place anywhere around Australia and can be held face-to-face or virtually. Show us what you've got!

AI Month Events November 15th - December 15th 2023
Event Date/s Host Location
Queensland AI Hub: Prof Toby Walsh book launch, 'Faking It - Artificial Intelligence in a Human World'
'Join the Queensland AI Hub and QUT to celebrate the launch of Professor Toby Walsh’s latest book – Faking It: Artificial Intelligence in a Human World.
A short conversation with Toby Walsh and Prof Marek Kowalkiewicz – Professor and Chair in Digital Economy at QUT, and Q&A will be followed by drinks, canapes, networking and book signing.' Learn more about this event
14 Nov Queensland AI Hub Brisbane, in-person
University of Sydney Business School and Deloitte: AI fluency sprint
'The University of Sydney and Deloitte’s AI Institute have partnered to build Australia's AI capability.This self-paced two-week AI fluency sprint will help you to build an understanding of the opportunities, capabilities and challenges of artificial intelligence and engage confidently with key AI stakeholders. Use the code AI_CSIRO10 to receive the CSIRO friend’s 10% discount. Learn more about this event
3 - 17 Nov University of Sydney and Deloitte Virtual
IEEE SA Standards Association and Technology Foresight: Virtual instructor-led training on trustworthy AI certification
'This course has been developed for individuals who are interested in learning how to assess Autonomous and Intelligent Systems (AIS) for their conformity to IEEE CertifAIEd AI Ethics criteria. Completion of this course is an integral step towards becoming recognised as an IEEE CertifAIEd Authorized Assessor.' Learn more about this event
13 - 16 Nov IEEE SA Standards Association and Technology Foresight Virtual
ANZ: DataFest at ANZ
'An immersive journey for ANZ Staff to enter the world of data-driven insights, where the ANZ's leaders, together with their own data experts and innovators converge. It will be an opportunity for staff to understand ANZ's data strategy, solutions and technologies shaping the data landscape. Pitched for all levels of data proficiency, the event offers a unique platform to learn, harness and network the potential of data for success.'
14 - 15 Nov ANZ Melbourne
Questacon: Friend or Foe - The Rise of Artificial Intelligence
'Friend or Foe features more than 100 AI-generated artworks curated by Australian digital artist Luke Millanta. The centrepiece of the exhibition is a digital artwork presented on the Questacon QMAX large format screen, along with a range of other stunning digital artworks that seek to interrogate society’s relationship with AI. This exhibition asks viewers to consider the themes of copyright and ownership, the nature of creativity, and bias in AI.' Learn more about this event
15 Nov - indefinite Questacon Canberra
Day of AI: AI in Society
'Young people need to understand how AI works, but they should also be able to recognise who makes decisions in their community, and feel empowered to start the conversation about what’s important to them. This series of activities provides a sequence of modules that guide students through exploration and investigation of the role of AI in a modern society, identifying local decision-makers and reflecting on an AI-related issue they feel strongly about, and finally preparing a submission to their local member to actively voice their thoughts.' Learn more about this event
15 Nov - 15 Dec Day of AI Varied
Monash Data Futures Institute: AI governance and standards: comparative approaches workshop
'This workshop will examine global standards for responsible AI, and the governance via legislation of generic and generative AI that has emerged in Europe, the UK, United States, and their lessons for Australia.' Learn more about this event
15 Nov Monash University Melbourne, in-person
Fit For The Future Gihan Perera: Leveraging AI - For Leaders webinar
'In this practical, interactive, collaborative leadership masterclass, you will understand how to use AI effectively in your team and organisation - so you can stay ahead of the game.' Learn more about this event
15 Nov Fit For The Future Gihan Perera Virtual
EduLink AI: Navigating AI in K-12 Education
'Explore the role of AI in K-12 education with leading educators from across Australia and respected European AI specialist, Arend Groot Bleumink, at EduLink AI's Virtual Round Table discussion. Delve into key themes like addressing AI training gaps, responsible AI usage, aligning AI with educational goals, and balancing AI reliance with critical thinking. Limited to 50 attendees, this session is a hub for meaningful dialogue around AI’s influence in education.' Learn more about this event
15 Nov EduLinkAI Virtual round table
Knkt: Operationalising ChatGPT in SMEs: From Individual Use to Company-Wide Implementation webinar
'Join Knkt for a pragmatic and interactive discussion aimed at helping your organisation harness and scale the power of AI and transform your business.' Learn more about this event
16 Nov Knkt Virtual
Queensland AI Hub: Townsville Chapter Launch
'Join us as we mark a significant milestone in Queensland's AI community with the official launch of the Queensland AI Hub's Townsville Chapter. Connect with fellow AI enthusiasts, professionals, and industry leaders. This is your chance to be an integral part of this growing community.' Learn more about this event
16 Nov Queensland AI Hub Townsville, in-person
Queensland AI Hub: Blending AI with Urban Planning
'CEO and Founder of urban growth modelling tool Sizztech, Bradley Rasmussen, will explore the opportunities and challenges of AI and machine learning to assess property development potential. He'll share his insights and strategy for the future, and demonstrate how AI in conjunction with urban planning expertise can predict housing density in the suburbs. Learn more about this event
16 Nov Queensland AI Hub Brisbane, in-person
Social Outcomes Lab: Creating Connections: Our future with AI: from science fiction to social fiction conferenceclosing session and networking event
'Join Social Outcomes Lab for the closing session of their Our future with AI: from science fiction to social fiction conference. This networking event will feature keynote speeches by Associate Professor Jenny Davis, the Deputy Director of ANU's Humanising Machine Intelligence Program, and Associate Professor Ahmed Imran, the research lead and Founder of the Research Cluster of Digital Inequality and Social Change at UC.' Learn more about this event
16 Nov Social Outcomes Lab Sydney, in-person
Advance Queensland: AI and Shaping the Future of Work
'We are seeing fundamental shifts in the way we work, learn, create, and collaborate due to the increasing power and accessibility of Artificial Intelligence software. Navigating disruptive change requires not just the skills and tools to be effective, but the mind set to be adaptive.The keynote speaker for this event is Gary A. Bolles, the author of “The Next Rules of Work” and Chair for the Future of Work for the global thinktank Singularity University.' Learn more about this event
16 Nov Advance Queensland Brisbane, in-person
Automation Culture: Intersections between Automation, Art, and Living Systems
This conference discusses thought experiments and case studies which metaphorically and literally transgress the relationship between art, automation and living systems (human and non-human), focusing on processes of automation in food systems, care-giving, judgement, and labour. By troubling the categories of art and automation, can we change the way we approach the increasing automation of life and culture? This conference is a part of a project exploring the cultural and intellectual history of automated labour, with support from the Australian Research Council. Learn more about this event
17-19 Nov Automation Cultures Perth - in person
Policy Workshop: Strategising Cultural Interventions on AI, Automation and Drones
Join an international group of artists, writers, cultural provocateurs, technologists, and not-your-average law and policy folks for an interactive policy workshop focused on AI, automation and drones. Guided by Assoc. Professor Ionat Zurr (Chair of Fine Arts, School of Design, and SymbioticA, The University of Western Australia), Assoc. Professor Julia Powles (Director, UWA Tech & Policy Lab, UWA Law School, The University of Western Australia), and Dr Jenny Judge (writer, musician, and Lecturer in Philosophy, University of Melbourne), this session will equip participants with tools for formal and informal engagement with policy, and build creative strategies for cultural interventions. Learn more about this event
18 Nov Automation Cultures Perth
MLAI Aus Inc: AI Hack 2023 Kickoff Event
'Join MLAI AUS Inc for the first iteration of AI Hack , a hackathon specially tailored to the Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence community in Australia. This all-day event will see competing teams go head to head in a contest to create an innovative AI invention.' Learn more about this event.
18 Nov MLAI AUS Inc Melbourne, in-person
PatientNotes and Australian Physiotherapy Association: Revolutionise clinical documentation using AI
'Learn how AI can transform your clinical documentation process and discover the advantages of accurate and instant clinical notes. Get insights into enhancing patient care and communication skills including seamless integration with existing practice management systems and workflows.' Learn more about this event
20 Nov PatientNotes and Australian Physiotherapy Association Virtual
RMIT University and Data Analytics Hub: Generative AI for Business - a hands-on workshop
'The goal of this workshop is to demonstrate how generative AI can be used in business to enhance productivity and gain insights from customer data. Hands-on activities and interactive discussions will help participants understand how generative AI can be applied in practice to address business challenges.' Learn more about this event.
21 Nov RMIT Enterprise AI and Data Analytics Hub Melbourne, in-person
Lext Australia: Introduction to retrieval-augmented generation - Using generative AI to answer queries reliably and accurately
'Join Lext Australia for a practical discussion on the basics of retrieval augmented generation (RAG), a powerful technique that can improve the consistency, accuracy and explainability of large language model (LLM) outputs, and give LLMs access to your proprietary data.' Learn more about this event
21 Nov Lext Australia Virtual
Intersect 3AI Platform: Productivity Reimagined - Can Technology and AI revolutionise productivity?
'Explore the exciting possibilities of how technologies and artificial intelligence can transform the way we work and help us achieve peak efficiency. Discover a few key productivity methods and tips as well as innovative AI tools that can help you supercharge your productivity in an ever-evolving digital landscape.' Learn more about this event
21 Nov Intersect 3AI Platform, ARDC ML4AU, Pawsey Virtual
CSIRO: Bringing Machine Learning and AI into the classroom
Working with Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a crucial skill of the future for many of today’s students. This session will give educators a crash course introduction to these important concepts, and provide resources, guides, and curriculum-linked ideas on how to bring them into the classroom. Learn more about this event
21 Nov CSRO Virtual
MusicNSW: Sound Advice - Collaboration in the AI era
'Hosted by Kartini Ludwig (Director and Founder of Kopi Su), we talk with two collaborators - Daniel Stricker (The Deep Faith / Siberia Records / Midnight Juggernauts) and Serwah Attafuah (artist) - who have been working with NFTs and AI tools to release new music and create multidisciplinary works.' Learn more about this event
21 Nov MusicNSW Sydney, in-person
Monash Data Futures Institute: International School in Artificial Intelligence and its Applications in Computer Science (ISAAC)
'ISAAC is a summer school event providing PhD, Masters and Honours students as well as ECRs across the globe a unique opportunity to engage with state-of-the-art advancements in AI, and computer science more broadly.' Learn more about this event.
21 - 24 Nov Monash University Melbourne, in-person
UNSW: AI Symposium
'The UNSW AI Institute's annual AI Symposium 2023 is an exciting opportunity with a dynamic platform for AI/ML/DS researchers to convene, exchange insights, and uncover synergies across disciplines, fostering innovation and collaboration.' Learn more about this event.
22 Nov UNSW Sydney, in-person
GPTStrategic: Generative AI’s Expanding Role in Industry and Enterprise
'A panel discussion that delves deep into the transformative influence of generative AI across the business landscape. As industries evolve, the capabilities and applications of generative AI are broadening horizons. Hear directly from our panelists and learn first-hand from their experiences pioneering generative AI projects.' Learn more about this event here
22 Nov GPTStrategic Melbourne, in-person
Ai Group: AI for industry – more than ChatGPT
'The question of whether AI is more than ChatGPT, along with practical examples and ethical considerations when using it, will be explored in this webinar. Speakers Martin Ripple, CEO of Australian manufacturer ANCA, and Kaaren Koomen AM, Director Government and Regulatory Affairs IBM Australia, will discuss AI implementation, integration into products and services, and tools and strategies to ensure ethics, transparency and human oversight.' Learn more about this event.
22 Nov Ai Group Virtual
The Hatchery: Responsible AI in the Public Sector
'As AI continues to gain momentum, the public sector needs to ensure that it is used ethically, safely, and responsibly. The Responsible AI in the Public Sector hybrid conference will bring together Federal & State Level Government organisations to discuss how to navigate the complexities of AI implementation.' Learn more about this event
22 - 23 Nov The Hatchery Virtual
Sydney Monthly AI Safety Meetup
'Super casual way to meet and learn from the AI safety community here in Sydney.
People new to AI safety - great way to meet the community with zero expectations of prior knowledge or immediately getting involved. People with AI safety experience - great way to share your work with others & learn from their initiatives.' Learn more about this event
23 Nov Sydney Monthly AI Safety Meetup Sydney, in-person
Deakin Centre for Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Business
'In an era where Artificial Intelligence is reshaping the landscape of human capability, our upcoming event delves into the transformative power of Generative AI (GenAI) in the realms of knowledge and creative industries. We will explore how these advanced AI technologies are not just augmenting but revolutionizing the way we access, process, and utilize information.' Learn more about this event
23 Nov Deakin University Virtual
Monash Data Futures Institute: AIMday - Maths and AI Meet Industry
'Does your organisation have a challenging Maths/AI related problem? Come along to AIMday, an opportunity for a diverse group of academics, higher degree students and organisations to connect and exchange knowledge.' Learn more about this event
24 Nov Monash University Melbourne, in-person
Digital Society: Social Science Perspectives for a Better Future annual symposium
'Engage with experts from diverse social science fields as we explore lessons learned from past experiences with technology and AI and apply these to today’s rapidly changing landscape. Dive into conversations on digital inclusion, accessibility, equity, and the risks associated with the transition to a global digital society.' Learn more about this event.
24 Nov Academy of the Social Sciences in Australia Canberra, in-person
The University of Queensland and DAIRNet: Defence Artificial Intelligence 2023 Symposium
'The Defence Artificial Intelligence Symposium is an exciting opportunity for Defence and AI researchers come together and explore priorities, opportunities and commonalities. The symposium is an initiative of DAIRNet (the Defence Artificial Intelligence Research Network) and is proudly presented alongside the Australasian Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence.' Learn more about this event
27 Nov The University of Queensland and DAIRNet Brisbane, in-person
Australian Research Data Commons ML4AU: Machine Learning eResearch Platform for Australian Researchers
'To efficiently manage GPU resources and reduce entry barriers, Monash University, UQ, QCIF, and ARDC have implemented a machine learning service known as the Machine Learning eResearch Platform (MLeRP). They have also developed user-friendly training materials for easy adoption. In this presentation, the team will delve into what sets MLeRP apart from other HPC platforms and how to leverage its hardware effectively. The presentation will include an overview of MLeRP's features, a live demonstration, and a brief introduction.' Learn more about this event
28 Nov ARDC ML4AU, Intersect 3AI Platform, NCI?, Pawsey Virtual
National AI Centre: AI in Industry Day
Sponsored by NVIDIA and Fujitsu, AI in Industry Day will explore how this revolutionary technology is playing a pivotal role in enhancing the efficiency and safety of critical infrastructure. Hear from industry leaders from NVIDIA, Australian Industry Group, Fujitsu, and CSIRO as they showcase projects and demonstrate AI-powered tools that can enhance decision making, staff safety, asset management, and maintenance. Learn more about this event.
28 Nov National AI Centre Melbourne, in-person
Dell Technologies: The Era of Artificial Intelligence
'As the era of AI reshapes entire industries with its profound impact, it is crucial to recognise the significance of both discriminative and generative AI models in powering comprehensive applications. Join Dell Technologies as they discuss both types of models, their use cases, and how to optimise deployment in a world where AI is becoming more central to business operations.' Learn more about this event
28 Nov Dell Technologies Virtual
International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP): ANZ Summit 2023
'Learn about the latest laws, regulations, enforcements and policy changes affecting business across our region at the IAPP ANZ Summit 2023. The summit will feature hot topics ranging from responsible deployment of AI and possible changes to the Privacy Act, to privacy and consumer trust, plus collaboration between privacy and security professionals, and much more.' Learn more about this event.
28 - 29 Nov International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP) Sydney, in-person
AJCAI (Australasian Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence) 2023
'AJCAI is the flagship conference for Australasian AI community designed to advance communication between academic researchers and industry AI practitioners.' Learn more about this event.
28th Nov - 1st Dec AJCAI Brisbane, in-person
Digital Image Computing: Techniques and Applications (DICTA)
'DICTA provides a forum for researchers, engineers, and practitioners to present their latest findings and innovations in these areas, as well as to exchange ideas and discuss emerging trends and challenges in the field. The conference covers a wide range of topics, including image and video processing, machine learning, pattern recognition, and computer graphics, among others.' Learn more about this event
28 Nov - 1 Dec DICTA Port Macquarie, in-person
National AI Centre (NAIC) and Standards Australia: Workshop for data-centric AI
Data-centric AI will focus the risk factors of AI, how organisations can better access, manage and use data for AI applications, and the role of standards in this space. The virtual event is being hosted by Dr. Ian Oppermann, NSW Government’s Chief Data Scientist, Industry Professor at UTS, President of the Australia National Committee of the IEC and President of the JTC1 strategic advisory committee in Australia. Learn more about this event
29 Nov NAIC and Standards Australia Virtual
Biometrics Institute: Showcase Australia 2023 – preparing for a responsible future of biometrics
'This year’s theme will be about preparing for a responsible future of biometrics, how it intersects with artificial intelligence, and what the implications are for privacy and data protection. This one-day event offers an opportunity to explore how we need to shape policy, put safeguards in place and what to expect in terms of technology development and innovation, all with the aim to provide a better and safer world.'Learn more about this event
29 Nov Biometrics Institute Canberra, in-person
Australasian Language Technology Association (ALTA) Workshop - ALTA 2023
The main goal of the ALTA workshop is to serve as a forum for Australian and New Zealander people actively participating in Language Technology activities or simply interested in them. This year, the workshop includes a tutorial, a NLP meetup, and presentations by 3 keynote speakers. Learn more about this event
29 Nov to 1 Dec Australasian Language Technology Association Melbourne, in-person
MLAI Aus Inc: AI Hack 2023 Pitch Night
'Join MLAI Aus Inc for a ripper of an evening at the AI Hack 2023 Pitch Night, where our talented teams will showcase their innovative AI solutions tailored to address Australia's unique challenges. This is your front-row ticket to the future of Australian AI.' Learn more about this event
30 Nov MLAI Aus Inc Melbourne, in-person
University of Sydney Business School: Generative AI Masterclass
'Generative AI has arrived and it’s going to change the future of work. But how does it work, and how can you use it effectively? In this interactive, 3-hour online workshop, learn to use the current generation of Generative AI tools like ChatGPT and Midjourney.' Learn more about this event
30 Nov University of Sydney Virtual
Sydney Informatics Hub: Generative AI for Research Masterclass

'Everyone is using ChatGPT these days but how exactly can you get the most out of generative AI tools for your research? In this Sydney Informatics Hub Masterclass we'll show you three killer ways you can take advantage of these new AI magic tricks so you can use them like a research wizard.' Learn more about this event

30 Nov University of Sydney Virtual
Knkt and Grow: Master the Future of Work: AI for Business Professionals
'In this webinar, you'll learn the fundamentals of how to combine your creativity with the precision of AI. The future of work isn't about doing more, it's about transformation and innovation. Mastering AI is key to this transformation.' Learn more about this event
30 Nov Knkt and Grow Virtual
Association for Coaching: Unleashing Human Potential - The intersection of science and wisdom
'The AC is pleased to announce our first Asia Pacific conference offering interactive sessions with wisdom from experts in coaching, psychology, neuroscience, and AI. Ignite your passion and fuel your expertise examining the cutting-edge synergies between science, data, and timeless wisdom.' Learn more about this event
30 Nov Association for Coaching Sydney, in-person
Knkt: Operationalising ChatGPT Webinar - From Individual Use to Company-Wide Implementation
'Join Knkt for a pragmatic, interactive session aimed at helping you implement AI at scale. You'll discover how to transition from experimentation to full-scale execution, leveraging frameworks to transform your organisation.' Learn more about this event
30 Nov Knkt and Grow Virtual
Google Cloud Analytics & AI Forum
2023 will always be remembered as the year AI hit the big stage. But for many businesses, the challenge now is to move their ideas and projects out of the sandbox to start driving real-world results. Join us for a live digital event that brings together leading business leaders and industry figures to explore the newest, best, and most impactful technologies in data, analytics and AI. Understand the trends that will shape 2024, unlock new practical tips and hints, and discover why an experimental mindset is key to your future success. Learn more about this event
30 Nov Google Cloud Hybrid Virtual and Google Sydney
University of Melbourne and Melbourne Connect: AI for Disaster Reporting and Forecasting  
'Join Professor Heng Ji from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign as she introduces SmartBook, an innovative framework for automated report generation that goes beyond the capabilities of existing AI models like ChatGPT. She will explore how SmartBook can serve as a unique news event simulator or an intelligent predictor, foreseeing conditions and dimensions related to a disaster scenario.' Learn more about this event
1 Dec University of Melbourne and Melbourne Connect Melbourne, in-person
Stone & Chalk: Stone & Chalk's Ecosystem Drinks - AI
'Stone & Chalk invite you to join their networking session where they will bring together founders, enthusiasts and professionals passionate about AI. Be a part of this evening dedicated to fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing, exploring new connections, engaging in meaningful discussions, and discovering exciting opportunities about all things artificial intelligence.' Learn more about this event
1 Dec Stone & Chalk Adelaide, in-person
ANZCOP-AIP Summer Meeting 2023
'Designed for Australian and New Zealand-based professional scientists, academics, post-doctoral researchers and PhD students. Specifically, the Quantum Machine Learning: Opportunities and Challenges session aims to cover recent research advancements in the field of quantum machine learning from both Australian researchers as well as an international community.' Learn more about this event
3 - 8 Dec Australian National University Canberra, in-person
Chartered Institute of Professional Certifications: AI in Education Forum (ANZ)
'Join ANZ at the AI in Education Forum, the premier event for educators, administrators, researchers, and AI experts. At this cutting-edge conference, you will experience an inspiring blend of keynote presentations, interactive workshops, and engaging panel discussions led by renowned experts in the fields of AI, education, and technology.' Learn more about this event
4-5 Dec Chartered Institute of Professional Certifications Sydney, in-person
Campbelltown Library: Introduction to AI
'Get an introduction to A.I. and try some A.I. tools. This class is aimed at people with basic computer skills who have little experience with A.I. and would like to know more. Bookings essential.' Learn more about this event
5 Dec Campbelltown Library Adelaide, in-person
Intersect 3AI Platform: AI in Action: Real-World Research Applications and Impact of Artificial Intelligence for Image Analysis
'Research Data Scientists will showcase concrete examples of how artificial intelligence is driving tangible results in various research domains. Gain firsthand insights into the practical applications of AI and its transformative impact on research across diverse fields. Specifically, the webinar will focus on the application of image analysis tools and their application within medical and ecology research.' Learn more about this event
5 Dec Intersect 3AI Platform, ARDC ML4AU, Pawsey Virtual
1000 Girls 1000 Futures WaiMASTERCLASS 2024 [KICK-OFF]
Description: Get ready for an empowering journey with Women in AI (WAI), a non-profit do-tank dedicated to fostering gender-inclusive AI for the greater good. Our mission is to increase female representation and participation in AI through community building, events and education.
This series is designed to shape future female leaders in the ever-evolving landscape of technology and business, inspiring young women to pursue rewarding careers in this dynamic space.
Learn more about this event
6 Dec Women in AI Virtual
getmee: AI Advancements in Education and Employability: Bridging the Gap
'Join getmee for a round table discussion with CEO and Founder of GetMee, Balendran Thavarajah and AI Senior LeadEngineer, Pavel Oborin as they discuss the role in AI in addressing the skills gap in education and employability.' Learn more about this event and join this virtual discussion
6 Dec getmee Virtual
ToothFairyAI: AI workshop on LLM and RAG architectures
'You are invited to join Australia's leading AI experts at a technical workshop to learn about how to maximise the power of Large Language Models (LLM) and make your AI ideas a reality. In this workshop, you will be provided with a Google Collab Notebook to test, analyse and review, practical strategies to tap into the potential of LLMs and Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG). Learn more about this event
6 Dec ToothFairyAI Virtual
Australian National University (ANU): Hopeful Futures via Cybernetics & Generative AI 
Play with a suite of interactive generative AI experiments to learn about cybernetic systems encompassing humans, technology, and the natural environment. As we continue to invent, commercialise, and operationalise new technologies, it's crucial that we develop new skills to create, design, regulate, and maintain these complex systems. Through an experience-based approach, our team will guide you through the exploration of cybernetics and offer a unique perspective into the world of generative AI. Learn more about this event
6 Dec ANU Canberra, in-person
Supercharging Simulations with AI using SmartSim
As part of Australia AI Month, Pawsey is hosting an event with ML & AI Engineer at Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Alessandro Rigazzi. Alessandro's session will showcase the transformative influence of AI on scientific research, navigating the convergence of numerical simulations and AI through the lens of SmartSim— an innovative open-source project by HPE. Learn more about this event
7 Dec Pawsey Online, Virtual
Informa Connect: AI in Logistics
'The AI in Logistics conference will be focusing on the intersection of artificial intelligence and the logistics industry. The conference will bring together logistics leaders, AI specialists, innovators, researchers, universities, and government bodies to discuss the latest advancements, trends, challenges, and opportunities in applying AI technologies to enhance various aspects of logistics operations.' Learn more about this event
7 Dec Informa Connect Melbourne, in-person
AI Builders Club: Adelaide Chapter Launch
After the success of the Sydney and Melbourne chapters of AI Builders Club we are launching in Adelaide. Come and meet other people building in the AI space, find fellow collaborators and learn some new tools. Learn more about this event
7 Dec AI Builders Club Adelaide, in person
Adelaide Data Science Centre and Adelaide University: Australian Data Science Network, 2023 Conference
'There will be a diverse range of talks in Data Science, several interesting panel discussions, and the chance to meet others across the ADSN as we explore new and better ways to work together. Keynote speakers include Prof Sally Cripps, University of Technology Sydney, Prof Xiao-Li Meng, Harvard University, and Assoc. Prof Fatemeh Vafaee, UNSW Data Science Hub.' Learn more about this event
7 - 8 Dec Adelaide Data Science Centre and Adelaide University Adelaide, in-person
National AI Centre (NAIC) and Committee for Economic Development of Australia (CEDA): AI Leadership Summit 2023
The second AI Leadership Summit convenes leading voices on how AI can be leveraged in a positive and inclusive way to transform industries and advance the Australian economy. Focused on leadership, the Summit will outline how leaders can position their organisations, and Australia more broadly to enable the take up of responsible AI at scale. Learn more about this event here
8 Dec NAIC and CEDA Sydney, in-person
Seed Planet Festival: Asian-Australian Entrepreneur Summit
'The Seed Entrepreneurship Summit and Gala Dinner are designed to provide a dynamic environment for learning, networking, and celebration. The Summit will facilitate insightful discussions on key industry trends, challenges, and opportunities (including AI), while the Gala Dinner will celebrate entrepreneurial achievements and build meaningful relationships.' Learn more about this event
11 Dec Seed Planet Festival Sydney, in-person
Amazon Web Services: Unleashing Innovation - The Generative AI Revolution Foundation Course
We find ourselves in a society where the line between what is created by humans, and what is created by machines, is increasingly blurred. Generative AI has been a turning point in how we create, design, and interact with technology. But how does it work, what are the benefits beyond novelty and what are the risks? This foundational course will: provide a level-set and consistent understanding of the current state of the artificial intelligence and machine learning landscape; explain how generative AI works in an approachable, non-technical way, with particular focus on text generation (with Large Language Models) and image generation (with diffusion models); and provide practical uses of generative AI with a focus on responsible, inclusive, and ethical use of the technology. Join us for an approachable discussion into how Generative AI comes together and how we can use this technology not just as a stand-alone tool, but in collaborative partnership to responsibly drive innovation and transformation. Learn more about this event
11 Dec Amazon Web Services Virtual
SIGGRAPH (Special Interest Group Group on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques) Asia 2023
'SIGGRAPH Asia attracts some of the most respected technical and creative people from all over the world who are excited by research, science, art, animation, gaming, interactivity, education, and emerging technologies.' Learn more about this event
12 Dec - 15 Dec SIGGRAPH Sydney, in-person
AI: supporting Australia's transition to a net-zero economy
Coordinated by the Responsible AI Network and the AIIA, this webinar will explore the role that artificial intelligence might play in better understanding climate change and supporting Australia’s economy transition. This webinar is based on the recent AIIA Whitepaper “Tech and Sustainability” which highlighted how technology might support us to achieve Australia’s environmental goals. AI could be an incredibly powerful tool to fast-track our collective progress – from drought preparedness and advanced climate modelling, to supply chain and energy efficiency. Learn more about this event
 13 Dec
Responsible AI Network and NAIC
TNG Technology Consulting ANZ: AI Showcase Expo by TNG
'This expo will exhibit some of TNG Technology Consulting's innovations from real-time Deepfake to ChatGPT powered tools like please-cli or Rock Your Sprint Review. Whether you're from a tech or business background, there's something for everyone, including hands-on experiences with AI.' Learn more about this event.
13 Dec TNG Technology Consulting ANZ Melbourne, in-person
AI Camp Meetup (Sydney): End of Year Celebration for AI, GenAI, LLMs and ML
Join AI developers, ML engineers, Data scientists and practitioners to celebrate all your hard work this year, with tech talks, food, and drinks. AI Camp is a global community covering supported by 300,000+ developers across 15+ countries, 50+ cities around the world hosting monthly workshops, tech talks from AI practitioners. Our year end event will focus on demonstrations on AI enabled products from Australian startups. Learn more about this event

Startup Showcase: We have 5~10 demo desks available for the community showcases and ~5 minutes quick demo on the stage. We will have judges and attendees vote for projects, with 3 amazing awards (best of innovation, best of technology, popular vote). You are invited to apply here Community Showcase
13 Dec Microsoft Reactor Sydney Sydney, in-person
Igniting a Humane AI Business Culture
Join us in Salesforce Tower to explore critical questions at the intersection of emerging technologies and our responsibility to design, develop and use them in ethical and humane ways.

Step into a world where AI technology, ethics, and storytelling converge. Gain new mental models, confidence, and a sense of community to navigate and influence the responsible use of AI - with provocations by: Lorenn Ruster, Bec Johnson & Ruth Marshall Learn more about this event
13 Dec Salesforce & Tethix Sydney, in-person
Invest Responsibly in AI
Invest Responsibly in AI is tailored for investors that want to invest in AI through a responsible lens, and will bring together Australia’s investment and innovation community to discuss What do you need to think about when considering an investment in AI (used responsibly). Learn more about this event
14 Dec CSIRO, KCA and Griffith Hack Melbourne
Implementing a GenAI LLM model using Databricks end-to-end
Please join ZCS as we walk through end-to-end deploying a GenAI LLM and leveraging an organisations own data. This walkthrough will use Databricks as the data platform and for model serving. If you are interested in using ChatGPT style models in your business but worried about privacy, this session will step through how to set up a model within your environment under your control. This will include clarifications of key terms and breaking down some of the complexity including RAG, embeddings, Vector Search, Langchain etc. Learn more about this event
15 Dec Zeaware Virtual
Future of AI Summit
The Future of AI Summit will look at how AI is being used in NSW to improve and transform people’s lives.
Engage with industry experts, thought leaders, and innovators who are at the forefront of this rapidly evolving field. During this in-person event, you'll have the opportunity to attend insightful talks, participate in engaging panel discussions, and network with like-minded individuals at the AI expo where you can interact with product demonstrations. Learn more abut this event

18 Dec NSW Department of Customer Service Sydney, in-person

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