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Innovation, disruptive technologies and new business models are creating unprecedented growth in the lucrative global Medical Technologies and Pharmaceuticals (MTP) industry. CSIRO Futures worked with industry, government and researchers to map out a path to establish an ecosystem to enable the MTP sector in Australia to grow and scale at a time of unprecedented opportunity. This report is the second in a series of five Roadmaps, each aligned to the Federal Government’s Industry Growth Centres.

A changing global landscape

The global MTP industry is on the cusp of enormous growth globally due to a range of factors including ageing populations, the growth of emerging markets seeking better health services and unprecedented innovation in medical technologies and pharmaceuticals.

Australia is an important player in this sector and has a number of comparative advantages to grow its share of the global sector. However, there is fierce competition globally and our advantages may quickly erode if we don’t take action now to establish an ecosystem that will support the growth and innovation of the MTP sector in Australia.

[Music plays and CSIRO logo appears]

[Image appears of world globe with six stems attached to medical symbols and then the image shows the symbols retracting into the globe and text appears: Medical Technologies and Pharmaceuticals]

Narrator: A universal challenge to improve human health and well-being, is driving growth for the global Medical Technologies and Pharmaceutical Sector, the MTP Sector.

[Camera zooms in on the globe and then zooms in again on Australia on the globe and then the image changes to show a pill, a dollar sign and an outline person symbol]

This presents an opportunity for Australia’s own MTP Sector which plays an essential role in our economy, adding to exports, GDP and providing access to highly skilled jobs.

[Image changes to show three people rotating around a world globe, a microscope slide, a Smartwatch beside a world globe and three people below a thought bubble with a world globe inside]

Changes to the global landscape such as shifting demographics, new bio-security pressures, digital disruption and changing societal expectations are creating exciting opportunities for Australia’s MTP Sector.

[Image changes to show a graph depicting the dollar value of goods and services]

However, the value of goods and services provided by the Sector has decreased over the last five years.  

[Image changes to show city buildings below a world globe and then text appears: Businesses must ask]

To remain competitive and capitalise on global growth opportunities, Australian MTP businesses must adapt. 

[Image changes to show binoculars moving left, right and then straight ahead and then the camera zooms in on the binoculars and they morph into a light globe which is then lit up]

Businesses must ask, how can they create and participate in an eco-system that efficiently translates inventive ideas into innovative solutions? 

[Images changes to show a map of Australia with seven stems attached to education, globe, mining, magnifying glass, pill, microscope slide and building symbols]

What are their existing strengths that can be leveraged, to define a global competitive advantage?

[Image changes and a bar graph appears]

Where do the global opportunities lie that will lead to long-term growth?

[Image changes to show a piece of research equipment, a crane, a microscope and a heart monitor symbol in a row]

What investments in science, technology and research will be required to achieve such growth?

[Image changes to show four animation people of different professions and then the camera zooms out to show animation people filling the screen]

Drawing upon our connections with industry and the world class research expertise of our 5000 science professionals,

[Camera zooms out to show the front page of the Medical Technologies and Pharmaceuticals Roadmap brochure]

we’ve developed a road map, that outlines these questions and more.

[Text appears: CSIRO Futures, Unlocking Australia’s future growth opportunities]

Download your copy today and lead the change.

[Music plays and image changes and the CSIRO logo and text appears: Australia’s innovation catalyst]

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A vision for Australian MTP sector

The focus of the MTP industry in Australia will rest on four main sectors in which Australia is well equipped to be an important player. By focusing on these sectors, Australia could become a force in the global MTP industry.

The key MTP sectors include:

  • Smart devices, implants and bionics
  • Accelerated pharmaceutical development
  • Manufacturing high-value pharmaceuticals
  • Diagnostics and informatics products and services.

Enabling the vision

The opportunities for Australia are immense not just in terms of the potential benefit to the Australian economy through future jobs and export earners, but also because Australians will benefit from better and more cost-effective health products and services as a flow on effect from a thriving domestic MTP industry.

Medical Technologies and Pharmaceuticals Roadmap

To implement the roadmap, there will need to be close cooperation between federal and state governments over health policies and regulations as well as cooperation with research facilities and private industries to ensure the ecosystem supports innovation and growth.

The roadmap involves a range of steps including setting up a coherent and uniform regulatory and health framework across all states, supporting private industry in its pursuit of MTP innovations, ensuring our future workforce has the STEM education and skills to work in this field, and ensuring a commercial focus so that research is targeted at outcomes with potential high commercial value.

To realise the full potential of the MTP sector, we need to facilitate:

  • A nimble regulatory framework that addresses core issues
  • A pipeline of professionals with experience in medical science as well as retraining programs for those with limited experience or STEM education
  • Supporting research institutions focusing on innovative research with commercial applications
  • Providing a range of support to start-ups and small businesses involved in MTP product development while attracting global MTP corporations to set up research and development arms in Australia.

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