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Southern bluefin tuna

We are using invisible DNA 'fingerprints' from individual juvenile southern bluefin tuna (SBT) as tags for monitoring the size of the population and to provide data for setting the total allowable global catch.
Southern Bluefin Tuna

[Music plays]

[Image appears of tuna swimming and text appears: Southern bluefin tuna (SBT) migrate throughout the southern oceans]

[Text appears: The SBT fishery is one of Australia’s most valuable]

[Images appears of the ocean from a fishing boat and text appears: While historical overfishing saw numbers decline]

[Image appears of bluefin tuna swimming and text appears: The population is now rebuilding, supported by science-based international management.]

[Image appears of people handling and releasing a fish, and text appears: We are using DNA from individual juvenile SBT…]

[Image appears of the deck of a boat with men placing an object into a box and text appears: as a genetic fingerprint that is an invisible life-long tag]

[Image appears of a person holding a fish and text appears: this enables us to estimate the number of juvenile fish in the population]

[Image appears of tuna swimming and text appears: This DNA-powered approach is one part of our transformative research initiatives…]

[Image appears of the deck of a boat and text appears: that provide robust scientific evidence…]

[Image appears of a fish being released and text appears: to help rebuild the global SBT stock…]

[Image appears of tuna swimming and text appears: and deliver direct benefits to industry and the Australian community.]

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