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The Australian Government has established the National AI Centre to further develop Australia's AI and digital ecosystem.

As the national science agency, and housing some of the country's leading capability in AI research and technology development, we're well positioned to act as lead in establishing the National AI Centre.

We're bringing together partners from government, industry and the research sector to boost exploration and adoption of AI in Australia. We are uniquely positioned to represent the interests and capability of Australia's AI sector internationally, and to grow awareness of our AI capacity with global leaders in the field.

By partnering with like-minded organisations, we aim to drive a new level of understanding, technology development, and adoption of AI in Australia in the years to come.


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Artificial intelligence has come a long way to


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enrich the world around us today. Australian businesses


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are transforming products services and operations


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with AI to improve customer experiences competitiveness


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and profitability.


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From agriculture to health and Environmental Management to


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search and rescue Australian Industries are


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increasingly applying AI to transform their operations


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customer engagement products and


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services. But this is just the beginning. It is


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estimated that AI will be worth $20


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trillion dollars to the global economy by 2030 work


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is currently underway in areas, like robotics


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computer vision responsible Ai and


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Quantum technology that will help Australia to seize


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this opportunity.


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At the national AI Center we are activating Australia's AI


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capability to make the most of the AI acceleration


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to ensure every person and business


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has the opportunity to be part of this momentum. We


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will support Industries with AI adoption


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and Innovation, visit forward


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slash NAIC to find out more about


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the national AI Center join us to


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build a responsible and inclusive ai-enabled world


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that creates opportunities for everyone.

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What is the focus of the National AI Centre?

Australia has deep and specialised skills in AI

Australia has deep and specialised skills in AI, in fact, more and more companies around the world are turning their attention to Australia to help design and develop new technologies to implement in their global operations.

By connecting our AI ecosystem and collaborating with local and global organisations, we can unlock Australia's AI opportunity.

The Centre will drive business adoption of AI technologies by coordinating Australia's AI activity, expertise and capabilities to improve productivity and lift competitiveness. It will also address barriers that SMEs face in adopting and developing AI and emerging technology.

The National AI Centre will also focus on central themes including responsible AI, AI for diversity and inclusion and AI at scale.

Foundational Partnerships

Consulting with our existing corporate and research partners

By consulting with our existing corporate and research partners - and opening a call for potential partners - we will identify a core group of foundational partners to significantly boost the profile and activity of the Centre.

The National AI Centre will also establish a focal point for international partnerships. These partnerships are intended to strengthen Australia's connectivity and presence globally in the international AI community, while also attracting new interest – and potential investment - into local AI research, projects and capabilities in Australia.

Is the National AI Centre connected to other programs?

Next Generation Artificial Intelligence & Emerging Technologies Graduates Programs

The Centre has strong ties with the Next Generation Artificial Intelligence & Emerging Technologies Graduates Programs, which are also funded by the Government and coordinated by CSIRO.

These programs will fund nationally competitive scholarships to attract and train the next generation of AI and emerging technology specialists. Students will participate in industry-led research projects and placements to build job-ready skills.


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