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Join us to help shape Australia’s tech future

How can we ensure that the technology we build helps shape the future that we want, not the one we fear? How can we ensure diverse world views come together to build AI and emerging technologies to represent a much wider view of humanity with benefits for everyone?

If you have ever wanted a career in tech, including quantum, robotics, and AI, now is the time to sign up to the Next Generation Graduates program.

If you have been considering a career change and want to make a positive difference in the world, now is the time to get involved.

[Image appears of the CSIRO logo on a white screen and then tapping can be heard and text appears: Bring Your Edge, Next Generation, Graduates Program]


[Sounds of a pencil drawing on paper can be heard and then music plays]


[Image changes to show multiple various size circles at the top of the screen, and then an animation of five people appear standing at the point of two lines]


Narrator: Surrounded by the swirling possibilities of AI, and barely glimpsed emerging technologies, we stand on the edge of something big.


[Animation image shows the top line waving up and down causing the people to move up and down, and thought bubbles appear above them with text inside: Awe, Excitement]


We can all feel it, a sense of awe and excitement with a sprinkling of uncertainty.


[Animation shows a line appearing on the front side of the point stretching to the right of the screen, and then symbols of light bulbs, fires and question marks appear below the people]


Peering out into this vast unknown driven by your curiosity, playfulness, and passion,


[Animation image changes to show two more lines ending in a point above them, and the area becomes filled with various symbols, and text appears: Where do you stand?]


open to new ideas, and fuelled by everything that makes your perspective unique, where do you stand?


[Animation image shows two of the people moving up to the furthest point, and then a sunrise appears below the people, and text appears above them and below the sunrise: What can you bring?, AI, IoT, Quantum, Robotics, Blockchain, Cybersecurity]


At this edge of human experience what can you bring on our journey into the Age of New Tech?


[Animation image shows a pot appearing below, and symbols appear inside the pot including a jigsaw and a world globe, and text appears: Diversity, Innovation, Safe Responsible Sustainable Solutions]


Diversity drives innovation. Only in the melting pot of different skills, views and ideas, will we discover responsible, safe, and sustainable solutions to the world’s biggest problems.


[Animation image shows a variety of people’s heads with speech bubbles and a thought bubble on a computer screen, and a “Human Potential” padlock appears on the right, and text appears beneath: Collective diversity]


No matter how unique we are individually it’s the power of our collective diversity, our contrasting ideas, and shared knowledge, that unlocks our true human potential.


[Animation image shows an Australian map and text appearing above the sunrise, Next Gen Graduate Research Training Program for AI, Quantum and Emerging Technologies]


Welcome, to the crucible of advanced ideas. Welcome to Next Gen, Australia’s graduate research training program for AI, quantum and emerging technologies.


[Animation image moves out and a point appears from the right towards the left, and a bridge appears between the left point and the right point, and the image shows people stepping across it, and a speech bubble appears above with many different science words inside]


Graduates are gathering, from all walks of life, sharing their passion, and commitment,


[Animation image shows the people scaling a large mountain type triangle on the right, and then the image shows the people over the peak of the mountain on the other side]


tackling our most wicked problems head on.


[Animation image shows a speech bubble above the people, and text appears inside: We do science right]


Together, at Next Gen, we do science right.


[Animation image shows an A and an I appearing either side of a world globe, and then a laptop showing a growing plant on the screen appears to the left, and text appears: Graduate Research Training Program for AI, Quantum and Emerging Technologies, Mental Health Care, Education, Agriculture, Energy, And many more]


Shaping AI, with humans and our world at the centre we grow the possibilities of new tech responsibly and apply them in places like mental health care, education, agriculture, energy, and sports.


[Animation image appears of a stop light below the computer and a handshake with a “Planet” sign hanging from the hands, and then a group of people appear moving along a road towards the right, and text appears next to the computer: New Tech]


We’ll solve multitudes of problems for each other, and the planet, forging new tech to embrace everyone and create a better future for all.


[Animation image moves down and symbols of a medal, mortarboard, building, molecular structure, certificates, money, two people joining hands, a world globe, a question mark, a light bulb, a magnifying glass appear, and text appears: Nurtured, Helped, Empowered, Deep Knowledge, Inspired]


With Next Gen, you’ll be nurtured by world‑leaders in academia and industry, sharing new tech capabilities, helped by generous scholarships and allowances, mentors and pioneers, empowered by a foundational platform of deep knowledge, curiosity, and flexible delivery, exhilarated by real-world problems, crying out for new thinking, and inspired by teams around you, driving forward together.


[Animation image shows a hand moving up the screen towards a “Real Innovation” text box sign, and then text appears: Think About It! Bring Your Edge]


You’ll have real innovation within your reach.


[Animation image shows a timeline moving between Yesterday and Tomorrow and a pinpoint can be seen at Now in the centre]


This is the moment, to bring your edge.


[Animation image changes to show a pair of hands moving up to cup an open door]


With Next Gen, you can shape our future. It’s in your hands.


[Music plays and the camera zooms out to show the whole of the animation]


[Animation image moves down the screen and underlined text appears:]


[Image appears of the CSIRO logo on a white screen, then text appears underneath the logo: Australia’s National Science Agency]

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Right across Australia, with 500 scholarships from Honours to PhD - your potential is limitless.

The Next Generation Graduates Scholarships provide Honours and postgraduate students from any project background the unique opportunity to work with leading scholars and industry specialists to help solve the world's greatest problems.

Expressing your interest in our industry-led, multidisciplinary research training programs is simple. Follow these steps to unlock generous scholarships in the fields of AI, quantum and other emerging technologies.

If you have any questions before contacting Chief Investigators, please reach out to for assistance.

Scholarships are available until all places are filled. There is no fixed deadline for applications, so reach out to Chief Investigators at any time.

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