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[Music plays and Marine National Facility logo appears]

[Image changes and the CSIRO logo and text appears: Roles and responsibilities on board]

[Image appears of Max McGuire standing in front of the sea talking to the camera]

Max McGuire: The ship operates under a strict Chain of Command. Your safety and that of the vessel is paramount and relies on the effective decision making of the on board management team. So it is important that you know how this Chain of Command works.

[Text appears: ASP Ship Management]

ASP Ship Management are Investigator’s contracted ship managers. ASP appoints the Ship’s Master and full complement of marine crew.

[Image changes and a flow chart type diagram is gradually drawn over the remainder of the video of the Chain of Command and text appears: Chain of Command on vessel, Master]

The Master has overall statutory authority for the vessel including the safety of everybody on board.

[Image shows a line being drawn down from the left side of the “Master” box to join it to a new box with the word “Crew”]

The Master is also responsible for the crew who act under their command.

[Image shows a line being drawn from the middle of the “Master” box directly beneath to a box with the word “Voyage Manager” and then a line is drawn from the middle of this box directly down to a box with the word “Support Staff” inside]

The CSIRO Voyage Manager is next in charge of operations and is responsible for managing the M and F support staff and acting as the owner’s representative. Together with the crew, their knowledge of the vessel will help to carry out operations effectively and efficiently.

[Image shows a line linking the “Voyage Manager” box to another box with the word “Chief Scientist” inside and then a line is drawn from this box to one below with the word “Science Teams” inside]

The Chief Scientist is appointed during the M and F application process and is responsible for the overall science project and supervision of science teams.

[Image shows a line being drawn from the middle of the “Chief Scientist” box to a box directly beneath it with the word “Principal Investigators” inside]

Where there is more than one science team the Chief Scientist will be supported by other lead Principal Investigators who will be responsible for their own staff and research project.

[Image moves to the left and a dotted vertical line appears separating off a section and a heading appears “On shore” and a line appears linking the “Voyage Manager” box to a “Voyage Ops Manager” box]

Back on land, each voyage will be allocated an M and F Voyage Operations Manager. This person is responsible for planning and preparing the voyage before, during and after each journey and will be your contact before and after the voyage.

[Music plays and the CSIRO and Marine National Facility logos and text appears: Supporting, enabling and inspiring marine science, Owned and operated by CSIRO on behalf of Australia]

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