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Technical details
Bathymetry imaging showing the wreck of SS Macumba, with damage to the ship hull, lying on the seafloor.

Kongsberg EM122

  • Full ocean depth multibeam echosounder (MBES) used primarily for bathymetry and bottom characterisation.
  • Operating frequency is 12 kHz.
  • Number of beams is 288.
  • Horizontal resolution is 1 x 1 degree.
  • Maximum width is 6 times water depth or 30 km or 143 degrees.
  • Depth range is 50-11,500 m.

Kongsberg EM710

  • Shallow to mid depth (maximum 2000m) multibeam echosounder used primarily for bathymetry and bottom characterisation.
  • Operating frequencies are 70-100 kHz.
  • Number of beams is 400.
  • Horizontal resolution is 0.5 x 1 degree.
  • Maximum width is 5.5timesx water depth or 2300 m or 140 degrees.
  • Depth range is 3–2000 m, with optimum depth range 600-700 m.


  • Sub-bottom profiler to resolve sediment layers and buried objects.
  • Operating frequencies are 2 – 8 kHz and 12kHz.
  • Horizontal resolution is 3 x 3 degrees.
  • Seafloor penetration depends on sediment type but extends up to tens of metres.

12kHz transducer

  • Single beam bathymetry and underwater communications such as acoustic releasers and pingers.
  • Operating frequency is 12 kHz.

75kHz ADCP

  • Deep (to 700m) current profiler.

150kHz ADCP

  • Mid-depth (to 400m) current profiler

ITI Net Monitoring System

  • Trawl net monitoring.
  • Linked to the SH90 for targeted trawling.


  • Provides location of deployed instruments relative to the ship.

Dual Axis Doppler Log

  • Speed and direction of the ship relative to the water.

Sound Velocity Probe

  • Measures sound velocity in water at the depth of transducers and is used in multibeam beam forming.


  • Four hull mounted hydrophones provide capability for ship self noise and underwater acoustics monitoring.

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