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Additional equipment and systems

Circulating clean seawater
Scientists on board RV Investigator spend long hours at sea studying collected specimens but this is just the beginning of the journey for naming a new species. Image: Asher Flatt.

  • Clean seawater is supplied to all laboratories

Deck seawater supply

  • A constant supply of seawater is supplied to the back deck, container spaces, deck Level 02 and the General Purpose Wet (Dirty) Laboratory.

Deck incubators

  • The vessel offers 3 deck incubation units. Each unit has a 300 L tank and can maintain water temperatures between 2 and 34°C, depending on the ambient conditions. These can be used for conducting experiments and observations of phytoplankton activity.

Dissecting microscopes

  • Dissecting microscopes are available for general laboratory use.

Walk in cool rooms and freezers

  • The vessel has a walk-in cool room, walk-in freezer and two -80° C freezers located on Main Deck. It also has a saltwater ice making machine and blast freezer. Liquid nitrogen storage can be accommodated.

Electronic balances

  • Various motion compensated electronic balances are available including:  Light duty – 3 kg; Medium duty – 20 kg ; Heavy duty – 80 kg

Fume cupboards and hazardous materials lockers

  • Fume cupboards and hazmat lockers are available for working with and storing hazardous materials. These are located in the Hydrochemistry Laboratory, General Purpose Wet Laboratory (Dirty), General Purpose Wet Laboratory (Clean), General Purpose Dry Laboratory (Clean), and Preservation Laboratory.

Laboratory freshwater

  • Hot and cold freshwater is supplied to all laboratories and working decks.

Laboratory incubators

  • The vessel has two 300 L Steridium incubators that can be located in laboratories. These are controlled light and temperature incubators.

Laminar flow cabinets

  • Laminar flow cabinets provide a clean air environment for undertaking contamination sensitive analyses. Cabinets are present in clean laboratories and can also be installed in other laboratories for specific projects.

Milli-Q systems

  • An ultra-pure filter for water used in laboratories. Systems available in Hydrochemistry Laboratory, Preservation Laboratory, General Purpose Wet Laboratory (Clean) and General Purpose Dry Laboratory (Clean).

Portable capstan

  • A portable 1 t capstan is available for winding in ropes and wires. Used for the deployment and retrieval of equipment.

Stern gallows

  • These are used to deploy and retrieve nets and dredges. They are located either side of the A-Frame on the Back Deck.

12 kHz transducer

  • This transducer is a transmitting and listening device used to communicate with moorings and pingers to determine the distance that equipment is above the sea floor or from the ship.

Working air systems

  • A compressed air system is available in all laboratories.

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