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20 April 2018 News Release

[Music plays and the CSIRO logo and text appears on a blue screen: ON powered by CSIRO]

[Images move through of Dr Larry Marshall talking to the camera, people lining up at a counter, the first person in the line, a hand operating a tablet and Larry talking again and text appears: Dr Larry Marshall, Chief Executive, CSIRO]

Dr Larry Marshall: There’s a gap between Australia’s research and Australian business and ON is a bridge to fill that gap.

[Images flash through of people in conversation, a male walking towards the camera, people walking in front of an ON sign, an audience in an auditorium and Heather Robson talking and text appears: Heather Robson, Grover Scientific]

Heather Robson: So, the programme has taught me a lot about business and things that have brought me outside of my university, definitely outside of my comfort zone.

[Images flash through of people on the stage talking into a microphone and then the image changes to show Mary Webberley talking and Josephine listening and text appears: Josephine Muir & Mary Webberley, Noisy Guts]

Mary Webberley: Definitely changed the way we’re doing our research and what we’re focussing on with our research.

[Image changes to show Mary Webberley and Larry Marshall posing with an award]

Joss Kesby: It’s been amazing.

[Images flash through of Joss Kesby talking, people in the auditorium, a spinning wheel, and people in conversations]

The mentors and the number of people you can get in contact through the extended network has been amazing.

[Image changes to show Male 1 talking]

Male 1: Exhilarating.

[Image changes to show Female 1 talking]

Female 1: Transformative.

[Image changes to show Male 2 talking]

Male 2: Inspiring.

[Images flash through of Mary talking while Josephine listens and then various groups of people in conversations]

Mary Webberley: They got us excited about taking it all the way we can and getting this product to market.

[Image changes to show technology on a display and then a male using the technology and then the image changes to show Ian Brown talking to the camera and text appears: Ian Brown ON Accelerate Facilitator]

Ian Brown: It’s about having your technology in the hands of the users and actually using it to solve a problem that they have.

[Images move through of people in conversation and then Steve Brodie talking and then people looking at a spinning wheel model and text appears: Steve Brodie, Executive Manager, Innovation, CSIRO]

Steve Brodie: It builds a business model to deliver on that opportunity.

[Images flash through of a side view of the Diffuse Energy model and Rafael Kimberley-Bowen talking to the camera and text appears: Rafael Kimberley-Bowen, Mentor]

Rafael Kimberley-Bowen: They’re really working with ideas that can actually change the world.

[Images flash through of people in conversations and then Phil Morle talking to the camera and text appears: Phil Morle, Main Sequence Ventures]

Phil Morle: Investors need to come because here is where you get introduced to what’s possible when science collides with entrepreneurship.

[Image changes to show Joss Kesby talking to the camera and then images flash through of people laughing and then a group of people posing and waving on the platform beneath a Welcome sign]

Joss Kesby: Look, don’t even think about it. It’s just a fantastic experience and I could not recommend it highly enough.

[Music plays and text appears: The future is ON]

[CSIRO logo and text appears: Powered by CSIRO,]

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The teams, which were all part of the fourth cohort of the ON Accelerate Program - Australia's national science and technology accelerator - powered by CSIRO, presented their ideas to industry, potential investors and stakeholders from across the country to accelerate their sci-tech research innovations and ideas towards success as ongoing ventures beyond the program.

During the event, three annual awards were announced and the winners were:  

Breakout Female Scientist Award: Mary Webberly

Mary Webberly, part of the Noisy Guts Project team from the University of Western Australia, was recognised for her incredible achievements in science with the annual Breakout Female Scientist Award. Her team, The Noisy Guts Project, are developing an acoustic belt that records gut noises over time to assist doctors with the accurate screening and diagnosis of gut disorders.

Steve Brodie Head of the ON Program said the Breakout Female Scientist award is presented to the female participant who has shown great leadership, resilience and a can do attitude in the commercialisation of important science.

"Under representation of women in leadership positions remains a large issue within the science and technology industry, which is why CSIRO ON is dedicated to recognising trailblazing women who take on this challenge," Mr Brodie said.

“From day one Mary has shown incredible tenacity in building Noisy Guts as a solution to diagnosing gut disorders.

"Mary has been a clear leader of her team, as well as of the broader cohort, he said”

Stanford Australia Foundation – CSIRO Scholarship: Joss Kesby

Joss Kesby is one of three Diffuse Energy team members who have developed a small wind turbine that, through being enclosed within a diffuser, can produce nearly twice the power output of existing wind turbines of the same size.

The inaugural Stanford Australia Foundation – CSIRO Scholarship recognises the individual who has displayed the most ‘entrepreneurial capacity’ in the ON Accelerate Program.

The Scholarship is awarded as a $30,000 contribution towards course fees and economy travel to attend a Stanford University program, run through the Stanford Graduate School of Business in California, USA.

People’s Choice ‘Innovation IMPACT’ Award: Hyperdrive Science

Hyperdrive Science received the People’s Choice ‘Innovation IMPACT’ Award as voted by the audience.

Hyperdrive’s vision is to help pharmaceutical companies find cheaper, safer, and more effective drugs for everyone.

To achieve this, they’ve developed a new way to beat the current costs and delays in drug development.

Hyperdrive Science is a new discovery platform that enables the rapid association between drugs and their targets in the human body, addressing this shortfall in the current drug development process.

The service increases the accuracy of drug candidate selection, reduces costs, and creates new opportunities for finding novel targets to unlock hidden value in the assets already owned by Hyperdrive’s customers.


The teams, which were all part of the fourth cohort of the ON Accelerate Program, presented their ideas to industry, potential investors and stakeholders from across the country.

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