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The CSIRO Climate Science Centre is a research program that brings together the core of CSIRO's capability in climate modelling and observations of the atmosphere and ocean. Our goal is to be Australia's centre for innovative and world-leading climate system science information. We  conduct and share research that builds resilience to climate, atmospheric and ocean risks, and inspires climate solutions and actions.

Climate research relevant to all Australians

Climate and environmental variability and change affect almost all aspects of the Australian economy and community. Our scientists work closely with research partners inside and outside of CSIRO to deliver climate, ocean and atmosphere research to a broad community of research and end‑users. The research of the Centre spans climate timescales from seasons to millennia.

Climate and environmental variability and change affect almost all aspects of the Australian economy and community. ©  iStock

Key activities of the Climate Science Centre include:

  • Developing models to simulate future climate for international assessments that provide the underpinning data source for climate projections.
  • Delivery of climate forecasts and projections on timescales from seasons to millennia, to inform effective and efficient strategies for climate adaptation and mitigation.
  • Advances in understanding of climate dynamics as needed to improve the utility of climate information delivered to research users.
  • Delivery of targeted, reliable and relevant climate products and services to decision-makers in climate‑sensitive sectors, including energy, water, health, infrastructure, transport, tourism, finance, insurance and agriculture.
  • Contributing to key national observing programs, including the Integrated Marine Observing System and the Cape Grim atmospheric observatory.
  • Delivery of ocean forecasts for national security, marine industry, emergency response, management of marine resources, and climate research.

Research highlights


Together with the Bureau of Meteorology, Australian Universities, and international collaborators, we developed the Australian Community Climate and Earth System Simulator (ACCESS), a fully coupled earth system model that provides a national weather, climate and Earth system modelling capability for operations and research. At CSIRO, we use ACCESS to contribute to major international climate modelling and prediction projects, such as the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

Visit our ACCESS research site for more information.

Sea level, waves and coastal extremes

The ocean and coastal environments are dynamic. We conduct research to understand how our coastal marine environment has changed and will change in the future. Through our research, partners and end-users can identify risks and opportunities for the sustainable use of the coastal environment. At the Centre we conduct research into sea level change, coastal extremes and ocean energy. We also provide access to a range of data on these topics.

Visit our sea level, waves and coastal extremes research site for more information.

Atmospheric composition and chemistry

Urban and regional air pollution is a significant environmental threat. Industry, power generation and motor vehicles release pollutants that can lead to photochemical smog and haze, as well as contributing to increasing levels of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Pollution threatens environmental sustainability and can have harmful effects on human health.

The Centre’s Atmospheric Composition and Chemistry (ACC) group brings together capability in the observation of aerosols, greenhouse and ozone-depleting gases, particulate matter and chemical processes of the atmosphere, and the transport and chemical modelling required to interpret these data.

Visit our ACC group research site for more information.

The Climate Science Centre contributes to major climate research programs

Scientists from the Climate Science Centre contribute to a number of major scientific and research programs across Australia. These include:

National Environment Science Program (NESP) Climate Systems Hub

The NESP Climate Systems Hub is hosted by CSIRO and is a partnership of Australia’s leading climate change research institutions.

Australian Antarctic Program Partnership

The Australian Antarctic Program Partnership (AAPP) is a partnership of Australia’s leading Antarctic research institutions supported by the Australian Government Antarctic Science Collaboration Initiative.

Its goal is to improve our understanding of the role of the Antarctic and Southern Ocean within the global climate system and its implications for marine ecosystems.

Integrated Marine Observing System (IMOS)

CSIRO is a Principal Participant in the Integrated Marine Observing System. CSIRO operates a number of IMOS facilities including Argo floats, Southern Ocean Time Series, Australian Plankton Survey, and other moorings and arrays.

Australian Climate Service (ACS)

CSIRO is a partner in the Australian Climate Service, alongside the Bureau of Meteorology, the Australian Bureau of Statistics and Geoscience Australia. The ACS partnership draws together national data, systems and expertise needed to inform climate and natural disaster decision-making.

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