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Introduction by the CSIRO Chief Operating Officer

Hi, my name is Tom Munyard. I'm CSIRO's Chief Operating Officer.

We've transformed our CSIRO procurement and payment channels to improve the way we do business with our suppliers.

CSIRO is now well advanced with our business transformation to improve our purchasing processes and the way we work with our suppliers.

As part of this program we have implemented the CSIRO Supplier Portal hosted by the SAP Ariba business network.

Internally our CSIRO people refer to it as Guided Buying.
Our system upgrade to CSIRO Guided Buying underpins of range of major science saving benefits:
Firstly, clear steps for purchasing means more time for doing what our people do best, innovating.
Easy to follow guidance for accessing new and existing suppliers means
greater research collaboration, reporting, reliability and accuracy.
And Guided Buying means less mistakes and less support tickets.
For our vendors, our secure CSIRO supplier portal empowers you to:
manage your confidential information, including Banking and tax details with unique logins.
To receive CSIRO approved purchase orders for goods and services straight to your inbox.
And to submit online invoices for reconciliation against our purchase orders and receive payment all within the portal.
If you're getting started with CSIRO Guided Buying remember this:
there are no changes to our existing procurement guidelines
regarding simple medium or complex thresholds.
The dollar amounts remain the same and
Guided Buying monitors those thresholds with every purchase requisition, purchase order, or subsequent variation.
And we continue to offer eligible employees
the ability to complete purchases up to $5000 using an approved CSIRO credit card.
Of course, terms and conditions apply.
What are the benefits you can expect as suppliers?
Well firstly, increased operational efficiencies
with the ability to see the status of your purchase order and invoicing data updated regularly throughout the day.
Secondly, improved accuracy across purchase order, goods receipt and invoice reconciliation
all taking place within the system payment.
And thirdly, improved collaboration without compromising the need for speed
when it matters in a supplier's day-to-day work with us.
CSIRO Guided Buying hosted by SAP Ariba
means clear, efficient and consistent processes.

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The CSIRO Supplier Portal provides a secure procurement and payment channel to improve the way we do business with you, our suppliers. You can access the portal 24/7.

The portal conveniently and securely allows you to:

  • manage your own data – view and update your address, contact information and bank details
  • view CSIRO purchase orders
  • create and submit invoice details.

There is no charge to our suppliers when using the SAP Ariba Business Network ‘Standard Account’. This platform caters to small, medium and large businesses.

Access the CSIRO Supplier Portal

Before you can access the portal, you must be set-up on our SAP Ariba system.

If you are an existing supplier who we transacted with after 1 July 2021, you will already be able to receive purchase orders and enter invoice details in the SAP Ariba system.

When you receive your first SAP Ariba purchase order via interactive email, you will be prompted to create your SAP Ariba account (please check with the Accounts team in your business to see if you already have a SAP Ariba account).

You can then view purchase orders and submit invoice details through the portal. If you wish to manage your own data, please request a registration invitation be sent to you to have this functionality enabled (this is for your security).

If you are a new supplier to CSIRO, we will set you up in SAP Ariba upon receipt of an internal new supplier request.

You will then receive an email invitation to:

  • set up your SAP Ariba account, and
  • complete a registration questionnaire to link you to our CSIRO Supplier Portal.

Once both parts are completed, you are fully registered and can view purchase orders, submit invoice details and manage your own data through the portal.

Access the CSIRO Supplier Portal.

Please note that completing the SAP Ariba registration does not guarantee the supplier any future procurement activities with CSIRO.

Purchase orders and invoicing

If you've worked with us in the past, your purchase orders and remittance advices will look a little different.

Purchase orders from CSIRO will be issued an SAP Ariba purchase order number beginning with #4600xxxxxx and will be sent to you via email and be visible within the portal.

Whether you are a new or existing supplier, it is important you click on the blue PROCESS ORDER button in your CSIRO purchase order email to activate the trading relationship with us. If you do not click on the process order button we will not be able to mark goods or services as received.

You will need to enter your invoice details using your CSIRO Supplier Portal account only. We will not be able to receive invoices via email. You do not need to attach an invoice.

Purchase orders raised prior to 29 March 2023 will not be in the portal. Please send invoices against these purchase orders (starting with 4000xxxxx) to our Payment Support Centre via

You may wish to view these short instructional videos by SAP Ariba (not tailored to CSIRO).

Our contact with you about the CSIRO Supplier Portal

The three primary SAP Ariba email and web addresses you can expect to receive correspondence from:

Please check your email spam folders.

Last email with an update PDF (181 KB) (18 July 2023).

Contact us

You can contact our Payment Support Centre team, Monday - Friday, 9am-5pm (Victoria, AEDT) via

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