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The challenge

Fixed spray aerosol devices have limitations

Solvents in the form of a fine aerosol mixture are a popular and widespread feed component within a number of industry chemical reactions. For example, in the reaction for flame spray pyrolysis (FSP), a fine aerosol mixture is sprayed into the flame area where the thermochemical reactions take place.

CSIRO has developed a droplet generation system with a multi-nozzle device.

The devices used to produce fine aerosol mixtures, such as atomisers and mist makers, are designed for particular working conditions so the droplet sizes and flow rates of the aerosol mixtures are fixed.

Not being able to adjust these devices means that they can't be used for certain industrial applications.

Some chemical processes, such as applying a spray on primer, require variable droplet sizes and rates to achieve the desired reaction.

Our response

Developing a droplet generation system

In order to face the challenges associated with fixed aerosol devices we have developed a droplet generation system with two nozzle configurations.

The first nozzle configuration is structured to receive a liquid and a gas under pressure in a controlled ratio, and to merge them to form an intermediate stream that is a mixture of the gas and a dispersed phase of the liquid.

The second nozzle is configured to receive the intermediate stream, with a valve mechanism with one or more controllable operating parameters to emit a stream of droplets.

For use of convenience, the invention is directed to a droplet generation system in combination with a thermochemical reactor, where the second nozzle configuration is mounted with respect to the reactor.

The results

A convenient system for full control of particle release

Our droplet generation system is a multi-nozzle device  that is successful in producing fine droplets over a wide range of water solvents.

The rate of aerosol mixture release can be controlled, as can droplet size, with droplets as small as 3-6 micron.

This system can be used for a wider range of applications than fixed spray aerosol devices. 

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