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Australian National Insect Collection Curatorial list – 2015
Group Common names Curators
Acarina Mites, Ticks Bruce Halliday1
Arachnida Spiders, Scorpions, Harvestmen Bruce Halliday1
Archeognatha Bristletails Federica Turco
Berlesates & Bulk Samples Berlesates & Bulk Samples Federica Turco
Blattodea Cockroaches Federica Turco
Chilopoda Centipedes Federica Turco
Coleoptera Beetles Adam Slipinski
Coleoptera – Curculionidae Weevils Rolf Oberprieler
Collembola Springtails Federica Turco
Dermaptera Earwigs Federica Turco
Diplopoda Millipedes Federica Turco
Diplura Diplura Federica Turco
Diptera Flies David Yeates
Embioptera Web Spinners, Embiids Federica Turco
Ephemeroptera Mayflies Federica Turco
Grylloblattodea Ice Crawlers Federica Turco
Hemiptera: Heteroptera Bugs Federica Turco
Hemiptera: Stenorrhyncha Psyllids, Whiteflies, Mealybugs, Scale Insects Federica Turco
Hemiptera: Auchenorrhyncha Cicadas, Leafhoppers Federica Turco
Hymenoptera Wasps, Bees, Sawflies Juanita Rodriguez
Hymenoptera: Formicidae Ants Robyn Meier2
Isoptera Termites, White Ants Federica Turco
Lepidoptera Butterflies, Moths Andreas Zwick
Lumbricina Earthworms Federica Turco
Mantodea Praying Mantids, Mantids Federica Turco
Mecoptera Scorpion Flies Federica Turco
Megaloptera Alderflies, Dobsonflies Federica Turco
Nematoda Nematodes Mike Hodda
Neuroptera Lacewings Federica Turco
Odonata Dragonflies, Damselflies, Mud-eyes Federica Turco
Onychophora Velvet Worms, Peripatus Federica Turco
Orthoptera Locusts, Grasshoppers, Katydids, Crickets You Ning Su2
Pauropoda Pauropoda Federica Turco
Phasmatodea Stick Insects, Leaf Insects Federica Turco
Phthiraptera Lice Federica Turco
Plecoptera Stoneflies Federica Turco
Protura Protura Federica Turco
Psocoptera Booklice, Psocids Federica Turco
Siphonaptera Fleas Federica Turco
Strepsiptera Stylops Federica Turco
Symphyla Symphyla Federica Turco
Thysanoptera Thrips Laurence Mound1
Thysanura Silverfish Federica Turco
Trichoptera Caddisflies Alice Wells1
Zoraptera Zoraptera Federica Turco
  1. Honorary and Post-retirement Fellows.
  2. ANIC Associates and Technical Staff.

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