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What is Generation STEM Links?

Generation STEM Links is a hands-on internship program that pairs NSW students in their second to last to final year of study in STEM degrees and qualifications with industry to allow both sides to learn, connect, and innovate.

[Music plays and a split circle appears and photos of different CSIRO activities flash through in either side of the circle and then the circle morphs into the CSIRO logo]

[Image changes to show Maggie Klianev talking to the camera, and then the image changes to show students and a mentor working on a bank of computers, and text appears: Maggie Klianev, Generation STEM Links Project Officer]

Maggie Klianev: Generation STEM Links is a programme that’s designed to support tertiary education students both in university and TAFE by connecting them with local industry to work on STEM projects.

[Image changes to show a split screen, and images move through of students working in a workshop on the left, and text appears on the right: Generation STEM Links, 200 hour internship]

The programme involves a 200 hour internship that students can complete over the course of a six month period.

[Images continue to move through to show students looking at circuit boards, a mentor and student walking past circuit boards on a table, an electric vehicle charging station, and a supercomputer, and text appears on the right: Ongoing recruitment support, $2,500 subsidy for business]

There is also ongoing support for recruitment and there is also a $2,500 subsidy that is provided to the businesses upon successful completion of the internship.

[Images move through of two males next to the supercomputer, Maggie talking, a male and female looking at a model building on a computer screen, and the building being placed in a model city]

I think the greatest part of the programme is that we are providing support for the business and the student to really make sure that we are getting the most impact for both parties.

[Images move through to show two males talking and looking at a computer, people in a brainstorming session, sticky notes being added to a board, and a mentor talking to students]

And the best thing about that is that we have actually had more than 80% of our student interns have actually gone on to ongoing employment within the industry partner where they were matched with.

[Images move through to show the group of students, and then the mentor pointing to a visual on a screen, and then two female presenters talking to a group seated at a table]

By matching the students’ skill sets with the industry partner needs we’re able to really create impactful relationships.

[Image changes to show Maggie talking to the camera]

What Generation STEM Links stands for is really about creating a stronger and more diverse STEM pipeline across New South Wales.

[Music plays, and the image changes to show the SIEF and NSW Government logos, and text appears: Generation STEM is managed by CSIRO and made possible through the NSW Government’s $25 million endowment to the Science and Industry Endowment Fund (SIEF)]

[New text appears:]

[Image changes to show the CSIRO logo on a white screen, and text appears: CSIRO, Australia’s National Science Agency]

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  • The internship structure is flexible and runs for a minimum of 200 hours (5-6 weeks full-time to a maximum of 25 weeks part-time).
  • As part of the paid internship students are employed by the business to participate in real-world projects and have the chance to secure future employment.
  • 80 per cent of students were offered opportunities within the business upon completion of placement.
  • Industry partners will receive $2,500 per student from Generation STEM Links after completion of the internship to cover their time and expenses.

Meanwhile, industry partners can build a pipeline of high potential, local talent, raise their brand awareness and access financial support for each completed internship.

Research has shown the main barrier to employers taking up student work placements is a lack of time and resources.

There is also a drain of STEM-qualified talent, with 46 per cent of STEM graduates moving into non-STEM jobs and 16 per cent leaving for overseas opportunities. Generation STEM Links aims to support students and businesses to alleviate these challenges.

Hear from past participants

Read our collection of program stories to gain more insight about the program and its benefits.

FAQ: Industry and Students

Student interns are required to be employed by your business, either as a casual or part-time staff member. This will ensure they're protected by all relevant insurance, and they agree to comply with your company policies. 
Student interns can be employed throughout the year, usually on a part-time basis. Students tend to schedule their summer or winter internships in advance. If you'd like to host an intern full-time, the best period is during the summer or winter breaks, with October being a great time to lock in your summer placement. 
Grants are paid upon successful completion of the 200-hour internship by the student. Proof of payment such as pay summary or recent payslips are required to be submitted. 
This is up to you. We encourage you to discuss with the student how you'd like to proceed after the 200 hours are complete. If you'd like the student to stay on in some capacity, you should discuss what the new arrangement will be moving forward. If you don't wish to continue the student's involvement with your business, we encourage you to provide feedback and consider providing the student with a reference letter. 
The Generation STEM Links team will support you every step of the way. if a situation arises where you require additional support, please reach out to the team and organise a time to discuss. 
No, you only need to submit one application. Please identify in your application if you are applying for a specific placement(s). However, you can choose to respond to a newly advertised placement by resubmitting an application, or you may email us to update an existing application. 
Yes. All students will be paid a minimum of $25 an hour, plus superannuation and any penalty rates you're entitled to as part of you work. Rates of pay are advertised in each job listing. 
At this stage we are only accepting domestic students. 
The Links program is only open to undergraduate VET and university students. If you are a postgraduate student, you may like to have a look at other CSIRO programs that are open to you. 
You may apply for academic credit through your education institution. Generation STEM Links does not help you with this application. Please note that some universities require extensive information to be provided by your employer and you will need to discuss this with your supervisor. 

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Contact the team to find out more about Generation STEM Links or to register your interest.

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