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With CSIRO’s expertise in grain forecasting, climate, remote sensing, data management, software engineering, social innovation and more, we built Australia's first real-time grain forecast platform for the grain industry: Graincast™.

[Music plays and camera pans over a crop and text appears: Farmers told us that they can’t access the data they really want about their crops]

[Shows green seedlings. Image changes to show wheat growing] 

[Image changes to show a mobile phone screen with the title Graincast on it and text appears: So we built Graincast, an app that, for the first time, let’s Australia’s grain growers forecast their grain yield from individual paddocks and across the whole farm]

[Image changes to show a mobile phone screen saying: Welcome to Graincast. Image changes to show a map of Australia with pins on it and the image zooms in on to one pin]

[Image changes to show a mobile phone with the title: Loading insights and text appears: CSIRO’s smart analytics applies satellite and sensor data]

[Image changes to show a mobile phone with the title: soil moisture and text appears: see your soil moisture and yield potential. Images changes to show a mobile phone with the heading: Yield potential]

[Image changes to show a mobile phone with the heading: Welcome to Graincast and text appears: Graincast helps growers with their crop decision-making instincts]

[Image changes to chow wheat growing in a field and text appears:]

[Music plays the CSIRO logo and text appears: CSIRO Australia’s innovation catalyst]


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