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STEM Together

STEM Together helps curious Year 5 to 10 students strengthen their confidence, capability and connection with Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).

We facilitate:

We prioritise opportunities for Year 5 to 10 students that identify as:

  • Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander; or
  • female; or
  • from schools in regional areas; or
  • from schools in lower opportunity areas well as their supporters.

The video starts with an animation of the word ‘STEM’

“The world needs STEM skills. To solve problems, think critically, innovate and overcome challenges”

[The S looks like a lightbulb to represent science, The T looks like a circuit board to represent technology, the E has a mechanical arm to represent engineering and the M is filled with written mathematical symbols. The video focuses on each letter.]

“So CSIRO experts, industry, and communities are helping a broader range of students and supporters to strengthen their confidence, capability, and connection with real-world STEM.”

[Image changes so from above, we see a hand huddle form. As each group is mentioned we see a new hand added to reflect the group mentioned. The hands break away from each other to reveal...]

“Introducing STEM Together”

[Image show the words “STEM Together”]

“STEM Together prioritises year 5 - 10 students that identify as either Aboriginal and or Torres Strait Islander; female; from schools in regional or lower opportunity areas.”

[Image changes to show a calculator screen as we see words type into the screen in time with the voiceover.  As “year 5 - 10 students” is mentioned, we see that type onto the calculator screen.  This is then cleared, and we see the words “Aboriginal” and “Torres Strait Islander” come one. This continues for “female” and “regional or lower opportunity areas”]

“We recognize students and supporters with tailored experiences; group learning opportunities for students; and professional development and tools for educators.”

[The image changes to show a female student with icons above her head. An award ribbon represents “recognition”, and icon of raised hands represents group learning and an icon of a hammer and spanner represent tools for educators.]

“With STEM Together Future Shapers, our recognition program, it’s okay if students aren’t the top of the class or if science and maths aren’t their favourite subjects… yet.”

[The student shrugs, while contemplating the Future Shapers program. On the word “yet” the frame zooms in to the student’s face to show them surprised and smiling.]

“We’re here for the curious.”

[The image changes. The student is now investigating a conical flask with liquid in it.]

“For those who create and invent things”

[The images changes to display a male student who has built a bridge out of pencils.]

“And for those that want to make positive change”

[The image changes to show a hand pulling a smiling caterpillar off a leaf]

“If selected for our Future Shapers program we’ll work with students to provide experiences to help them achieve their goals…”

[The image changes to show the student, now with a symbol of a gecko on her shirt (to show her area of interest for the Future Shapers program) standing next to a CSIRO researcher holding a clipboard that specialises in reptiles. A tree with a gecko appears between them. The student looks at the gecko using a magnifying glass.]

“…or connect them with their tribe”

[the image changes so the student is now next to another student that wears a gecko t-short and holds a terrarium to show their common interest.]

“…and inspire their community”

[The two students are shown on the front page of an online newspaper – shown on a tablet - to show they’re inspiring their community.]

“We create opportunities for classes to learn about real-world STEM, from industry”

[The image of the students is removed on the tablet and replaced with social media posts advertising potential group experiences. These include “Join us for a beekeeping experience!” “Take a look into the world of robotics” “come and be an engineer for a day!”]

“–help them investigate their own questions”

[The image changes to show a question mark with a puzzle piece shaped hole in it, and a hand holds a magnifying glass over it.]

“…design solutions in their own world”

[The hands then grab a blueprint of a puzzle piece that would fit the hole.]

“… and show them what they can accomplish”

[The blueprint disappears and the hand adds the missing puzzle piece to the question mark and a vine grows out of it.]

“But STEM Together isn’t just for the students.”

[The image changes to show an adult at a laptop to illustrate they’re a teacher.

“We help educators feel confident in bringing STEM to life in the classroom with free Teacher Professional Learning courses, and educator toolkits”

[The image changes to show the teacher with a student in safety gear. The student adds the contents of a test tube to a conical flask, and it glows blue to show the teacher’s bringing STEM to life in the classroom.]

“Outside of school, family, community, and supporters can all play a role by nominating students or involving STEM Together in their communities. You can help build students’ capability, confidence, and connection with STEM.”

[The image changes to show four adults. A man, a woman with grey hair, a man in a wheelchair and a woman in a hard hat and high-vis vest to illustrate the community. A large pot appears between them, and watering cans appear in their hands. They all water the pot and a plant grows out of it. The student then appears in the middle of the adults and in front of the pot. She looks through her magnifying glass one more time.]

“Head to to find out more.”

[The image changes to show the website address]

[The image changes to show the BHP Foundation logo.]

The image changes to the last frame - showing the CSIRO logo.]

STEM Together helps curious Year 5 to 10 students strengthen their confidence, capability and connection with Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).

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