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CSIRO’s Biomedical Manufacturing Program are working closely with industry and the Minimising AMR Mission, through the new Biomedical AMR Technologies Market Area, which is focused on finding solutions to the threat of AMR across three key areas:

  • Therapeutics
  • Medical devices
  • Vaccines.

We provide R&D and multidisciplinary expertise to industry, from start-ups to large enterprises, both nationally and internationally, to develop and apply new technologies, products and processes, and help grow the AMR industry ecosystem.

Our advanced manufacturing capabilities can help you translate your ideas into market-ready products.


Across the top of this diagram:

Outlining the process of solution development

Within human and animal health: combine these factors:

  • Clinical input
  • Manufacturing input
  • Unmet clinical need

Before undertaking these steps:

  1. Understand biomedical needs
  2. Develop solution (through proof of concept and tech optimisation)
  3. Preclinical evaluation (including In vitro, Ex vivo and In vivo assessments)
  4. Regulated manufacture, process development and tech transfer
  5. Clinical evaluation (Outside CSIRO)


Below this flow chart are boxes focuses on capability areas and features:

Biological assessment

  • 3D ex vivo mammalian/ bacterial coculture models
  • In vitro antimicrobial assays
  • In vitro & in vivo biocompatibility assays
  • In vitro immune response assays
  • Large animal infection models
  • Target ID and validation
  • PC1 to PC4 laboratories

Facilities and tech transfer

  • Biomedical Materials Translational Facility (ISO9001 and ISO17025)
  • National Vaccines and Therapeutics Laboratory (cGMP)
    Tech transfer and consultancy
  • 250L Process Bat
  • FloWorks flow synthesis lab
  • Characterisation suites


Clinical trials (outside of CSIRO)

Phase 1 through 3


As well as capabilities in:

  • New antimicrobial therapeutics (including natural products, petitides, drug conjugates and polymers)
  • New medical devices (including wearable and implantable devices, drug delivery systems, antimicrobial surfaces and biomaterials)
  • New vaccines (including recombinant protein vaccines, virus-like particles, live attentuated vaccines and mRNA vaccines)


Facilities to support AMR research

As one of the world’s largest multi‑disciplinary science organisations, CSIRO has world‑class facilities and expertise to support AMR research, such as:

How can we assist industry?

1. Drug discovery and bioactive compounds

  • Structure-based drug discovery.
  • Hit identification, hit-to-lead, and lead optimisation.
  • Novel compound libraries that act as starting points, such as the CSIRO Compound Collection.
  • Growing capabilities in development of AI tools and simulation to aid drug discovery.
  • Peptide chemistry.
  • Bioactive natural products.
  • Polymer mimetics of antimicrobial peptides.
  • Bespoke assay development to assist discovery.

2. Biocompatible materials for medical applications

  • Design of novel polymers and materials for medical devices and drug delivery.
  • Surface chemistry and surface modification.
  • Design and fabrication of biosensors and diagnostic devices.
  • Biological assessment of materials and devices.

3. Production solutions

  • Production of proteins and vaccines for:
    • humans (clinical trials)
    • animals (veterinary clinical trials).
  • Production of proteins for assay development and diagnostic devices.
  • Scale up synthesis for small molecules through both batch and flow processes.
  • Development of bespoke extraction processes for isolation of bioactive natural products.
  • Development of medical device fabrication processes, including extrusion, moulding, coating, and 3D printing.
  • Regulated laboratories for translation of various technologies into clinical applications.

4. Funding identification

CSIRO’s in-house Kick Start grants facilitated by CSIRO Science Connect, support eligible SMEs with matched non-dilutive funding.

We are happy to work with industry to identify any relevant funding opportunities to support their research with CSIRO, suited to their individual situation.

For more information, please contact the AMR Technologies Market Area co-leads:

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