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WOAH Reference Laboratory designations

The World Organisation for Animal Health is the global authority on animal health. It is an intergovernmental organisation, focussed on transparently disseminating information on animal diseases, improving animal health globally and building a safer, healthier and more sustainable world.

ACDP is a WOAH designated reference laboratory for several high impact diseases of terrestrial and aquatic animals.

Reference laboratories function as a world reference centre of expertise on designated diseases. Each Reference laboratory has a designated world expert who provides scientific and technical assistance and expert advice on topics linked to diagnosis and control of the disease for which the Reference Laboratory is responsible.

Reference Laboratory experts work as part of an international network of people, to create a solid knowledge base, a pool of resources and information about high impact animal diseases, that can be easily accessed and shared.

Reference Laboratories are focused on high impact diseases, which are those capable of having severe effects on production, trade, environment, and in some case, the health of people.

ACDP's WOAH Reference Laboratory designations
Disease Designated expert
Bluetongue virus Dr Debbie Eagles
Hendra and Nipah virus diseases Dr Kim Halpin
Highly pathogenic avian influenza and low pathogenic avian influenza (poultry) Dr Frank Wong
African swine fever Dr David Williams
Classical swine fever Dr Trevor Drew
Abalone herpesvirus Dr Nick Moody
Ranavirus Dr Nick Moody
Yellow head virus genotype 1 Dr Nick Moody
Epizootic haematopoletic necrosis virus Dr Nick Moody

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WOAH Collaborating Centres

WOAH Collaborating centres function as a world centre of research, expertise, standardisation of techniques and dissemination of knowledge on a specialty area. Collaborating Centres are designated for a specific specialty within a focus area relating to the management of general questions on animal health issues. In its designated specialty, they must provide their expertise internationally.

ACDP's WOAH Collaborating Centre designations
Collaborating Centre Designated contact
Diagnostic test validation science in Asia-Pacific Region Dr Axel Colling
Laboratory capacity building Dr Dwane O'Brien
New and emerging disease Dr Debbie Eagles

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FAO Reference Centres designations

The Food and Agriculture Organization is a specialized agency of the United Nations that leads international efforts to defeat hunger.

One of the FAO's global missions is to provide field and technical support to its member countries to prevent or control major diseases of poultry, livestock and wildlife.

ACDP has been appointed as a FAO Reference Centre in three of the 19 thematic areas identified by the FAO as critical for FAO member countries.

ACDP's FAO Reference Centre designations
Reference Centre Designated contact
Animal Influenza and Newcastle disease Dr Frank Wong
Laboratory Biorisk Management Dr J.T. Paulley
Zoonotic coronaviruses TBC

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