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The challenge

Mapping a mine was slow and dangerous work

Geological and geotechnical mapping is an integral part of mine planning and ongoing operations, but it’s traditionally been fraught.

Geologists had to put themselves in harm’s way, close to rock faces where there may have been stability issues, or an open-cut mine site surrounded by heavy machinery.

It was also painstakingly slow work collecting the images and then stitching them into a mosaic for analysis.

Our response

Faster, safer, smarter 3D images

In partnership with Datamine, we developed Sirovision; an automated data acquisition technology which creates 3D images of mines.

The Sirovision system allows for remote and safe photogrammetric capture of geological and geotechnical features in open-cut and underground operations without costly disruption to production.

The technology reduces the time geologists spend collecting data in potentially dangerous environments, freeing them up to spend more time reviewing and interpreting it.

The stereo camera rig lets operators, with minimal training, capture 3D stereo images quickly from up to 1500 metres away, or even from a drone.

The software assembles the resulting images to generate accurate 3D images, mapping both geological and geotechnical features, including mineralogy.

Its automated detection of unstable features in the pit, including wedges, blocks and toppling hazards, greatly enhances safety and peace of mind on-site.

Sirovision Open Pit is a photogrammetric remote data-acquisition system for mapping geology and interpreting geotechnical characteristics of exposed mining faces.

The system can handle stereo photographs from off-the-shelf digital SLR cameras as well as 3D imagery from drones or laser scanners to generate accurate 3D models.

It uses the latest image-processing technology to extract unbiased and accurate geological and geotechnical data.

Sirovision Underground is an integrated hardware and software system for the mapping and analysis of rock structures and mineralogy in underground topography.

The system uses a specially designed stereo camera to quickly and accurately capture stereo photographs, and software for the generation and analysis of 3D images.

The results

Improving mine mapping around the world

Sirovision has been commercialised by our partner Datamine Software and is now used by some of the largest mining companies around the world.

The latest version, Sirovision 6.2, brought new features, including the ability to import various formats of 3D model types to map directly onto – such as those built from drone images, laser scanners and radar systems – making it quicker and easier to conduct analyses and improving safety.

Future releases will continue to enhance Sirovision’s capabilities.

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