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Unlocking the value of big data in mining

New mineral discovery is becoming more difficult. Existing mines are probing deeper and often returning lower quality.

Data analytics, machine learning, artificial intelligence and simulation are increasingly being used to help improve productivity and profitability. 

With this wealth of data being generated many mining companies are struggling to derive full value from the information they can access.

One challenge is handling the diversity of data types, for example images and 3D content. Finding a solution to integrate, visualise and translate data in real time is key to unlocking insights for decision making and action.

4D data integration and analytics

VoxelNET uses a unique voxel-ID indexation system which harnesses a global addressing system giving users the ability to integrate data and locate information specific to real world locations

VoxelNET has been developed to bring together data from many different sources to create a single 4-dimensional view of the world.

The voxelNET platform uses a unique system that efficiently organises multiple types of volumetric, spatial and time data into voxels. 

What is a 4D voxel?

Think of it as a cube in a 3D model and add in time. Like a Lego brick but containing digitally encoded information which refers to real world locations.

Each voxel has a unique 4-dimentional (x,y,z + time) voxel-ID address - like an IP address - which relates to a geographical location.

Just like Lego, the voxelNET uses these voxels to build a digital representation of the real world to create a digital twin. 

These digital twins can be created to digitally represent a collection of things in the world or used to run simulations to understand the present and predict the future.

VoxelNET features

VoxelNET can handle and process large data sets fast. It can:

  • combine different data sets
  • create near real time simulations
  • automate operations
  • zero in on real world location, and
  • track changes in materials over time.

It uses a globally indexed unique addressing system which can map virtual locations to the real world.

VoxelNET can be used to:

  • locate specific materials, such as water, soil, rock, ore with grade data
  • track material data over time
  • track changes in material composition and shape, for example through processing, over its lifetime, and
  • communicate and initiate action, direct and interact with other voxels as computational agents via the precise volumetric addressing system.

VoxelNET can created a digital twin of a mine site, tracking materials in real time.

Benefits for mining and resources

It can create virtual replicas of processes, systems or people and be used to run cost effective simulations to assess the state of your assets, improve operations, plan and respond to changes

VoxelNET data integration and analytics can enable better business decisions for miners.

For example, milling operations can be refined to run more efficiently by adjusting to the characteristics of the ore being processed.

VoxelNET can draw in data from the ores journey from the mine to the mill.

By drawing on multiple data sources and applying clever AI algorithms, voxelNET can predict the characteristics of ore flowing into the mill and so tune the operations for optimum performance.

Currently trialling with Everledger

We are working with blockchain specialist company Everledger to trial the voxelNET platform in a critical minerals supply chain pilot.

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